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Idea for spreading Ð awareness
« on: December 15, 2013, 01:18:09 AM »
Okay, so as you guys may know about cryptocurrency, one of the biggest problems we have is awareness. Ð has solved a little of this with immediate media attention, and the meme. But we need to go for da moon guise. SOOOO here is what I am saying:
We launch a campaign to spread Ð awareness by posting on different sites. My first site idea was facebook, specifically the doge page. If we could get that page to share the link to, we could see a great increase in numbers. I knopw that means larger scale miners will come and ruin it for some people like me (I mine with a radeon 7700 1GB), but if we want this to take off and be worth it, we will need this to happen. WE CAN DO DIS GUISES.
So please, spend 1 minute and either post or message doge's facebook page ( ) or both. Remember to say something like hey can you guys please post this link: Much thanks, very doge of you. (or something like that.
Post your thoughts, or if you have a funny post on there facebook a sreencap ;) any other sites with decent noteriety ideas post and I will add them in here. Thanks for reading guise, Much luck, very Good. AMAZE!!

Plz gib me coinz if you like the idea, I'm a poor Shibe:


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