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DOGE survival tip 1: Develop
« on: February 19, 2014, 10:54:15 PM »
hello fellow shibes I am going to develop a survival list for in which me and a selected party see is key for success of the doge crypto currency. I am going to give you the first one short and sweet since I'm half asleep but vowed to post this before my day was over so here it is


To truly have great success with our community we need lead developers not lead celeb figures. We desperately need more apps, sites, businesses , corporate partnership ( i know this one sounds yucky but if merged right can be a great gain),constantly marketing campaigns ( gorilla or fully funded projects the meme is only the first step you pups),dedicated to our community and definitely most important that we should all invest time in is coming up with more easy applicable ways of exchange for our currency in everyday life even if that means developing new tech to assist this. Remember it has to be accepted and used every where that is true value.

If you found this cool throw a few bones our way to encourage us to keep going
good night/morning

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