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    Our site shows the predicted price of bitcoin on the BTC-E and Coinbase

bitcoin exchanges. Predictions are made by software that uses neural

networks to analyze past bitcoin transactions.
    Why use our software?
    We can help you with your Bitcoin investments and day trading by giving

you accurate predictions on upcomming bitcoin prices. With this information

you can buy and sell bitcoins in more profitable ways giving you large

returns on your money.
    How exactly do you make predictions?
    The predictions on this website are created by software that analyzes

millions of bitcoin transactions that have taken place over the past

several years.The software uses a computational model called an artificial

neural network to search through this immense data and find patterns in the

rise and fall of prices.
    How accurate are these predictions?
    We offer 3 forms of predictions, a 5 day prediction, a 20 day

prediction, and lastly a 24 hour prediction. Each prediction has their own

margin of error the short the predicion the smaller margin of error it will

have. The 5 day prediction is roughly 2.36% margin of error while the 20

day shows 7.169% and 24 hour showing just only 1.128%.
    What about real-world events that affect bitcoin prices?
    Unfortunately, predictions can become less accurate when real life

events significantly affect the value of bitcoins. This is important to

keep in mind if you are making decisions based on the data on this website.

Although overall the average errors are about 1.1%-7.169


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