Author Topic: A cash-cow for criminals: Senator Manchin calls for Crypto Prohibition  (Read 1682 times)

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The year is 1920, America. Alcohol prohibition is enforced in order to curb crime, corruption, and reduce the prison population. By the end of the year, alcohol consumption has been reduced considerably when compared the consumption rates of 1919. Fast forward to 1921, and alcohol consumption is even higher than it was when it was legal, and is continuing to soar. Of course, the money is not going to legitimate brewers, bars and liquor stores, but is providing a veritable cash cow for organised crime syndicates, and propelling notorious and brutal gangsters such as Bugs Marone and Al Capone into infamy. Suddenly, the majority of Americans, who enjoy a drink, are now criminals. This includes everybody from union delegates, police officers and senators, pushing them into dealings with numerous shady characters, bootleggers and gangsters.

The proliferation of ‘speakeasys’ and ‘blind tigers’- illicit underground venues that serve alcohol, force your everyday American to open themselves up to blackmail, extortion and criminality, just to have a drink. Those that can’t drink turn to other substances, such as opium, marijuana and cocaine, which have now become just as risky and equally accessible as alcohol, and were easily provided by the gangsters supplying the alcohol.

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