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We'd like to announce our new site,!

  • “I've been waiting for a service like this. Great job!”  - Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin
  • “That was the most painless crypto conversion I have ever done. Congratulations.”  Marshall Hayner,
  • “Brilliant. These guys nailed it.” -peaceisreason, Redditor

ShapeShift is the easiest way to buy or sell Dogecoin
  • Instant conversion between coins
  • Super easy and fast
  • No account required (we don't even want your email address)
  • API available

Most orders process instantly (larger orders may require 1 block conf before processing). We take a small fee which is built into the spread (so the exchange rate you see is what you get - no other fees)

And we would love your feedback! We'll work hard to make ShapeShift the go-to bridge for moving between Bitcoin and Dogecoin!

Give it a try!



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