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« on: July 21, 2014, 09:50:01 PM »
We are proud to announce DOGE support at
our new solution for exchanging cryptocurrencies.

How does work?
To convert DOGE to BTC/LTC/... (or the other way around), take an address from Your Bitcoin/Litecoin/... wallet and paste it into our site. We will generate a Dogecoin input address for You. From now on, every Dogecoin You send to the input address will be instantly converted to Bitcoin/Litecoin/... and sent back to your Bitcoin/Litecoin/... address. For smaller amounts, it works almost instantly. For bigger amounts, You have to wait a few minutes until we recieve enough confirmations for your transfer (no more than 6 anyway). brings you:

    instant exchange
    very simple operation (just send coins from Your wallet to get them converted)
    reduced risk of loosing founds (we don't store your coins)
    no need to register an account

If you use any scripts or programs for coin transfer you can use our API to check current exchange rates. Use address to get exchange rates in JSON.

Want to know more?
Check out and read FAQ

How it works?:

Communication channels:


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