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    • DogeList was started by my belief that commerce was the key to long term success for Dogecoin.
The aim was to help facilitate this, securely, over the entire world.

Security and safety
  • Protection against brute force, injections, XSS etc
  • User email never accessible on site, all messages done through a relay service. If you choose to reply to an email the other party will of course see your email. But you are free to use the on site PM system to circumvent that if you want to.
  • HTTPS encrypted traffic
  • User verification to help you prove to potential buyers who you are
  • eBay style feedback system of buyers and sellers to help the community promote good people
  • Multi-factor authentication to help you secure your account even more

  • Create listings for things you wish to buy, sell, trade or even give away
  • Supports both classified style ads and full fledged auctions
  • Auto fetch information about items you are listing. For instance, get information about a Steam game and some images with the click of a button
  • Easily select where in the world your offer will be available. Select by continent, country, region or city
  • Optional feature LivePrice helps solve the problem with the fluctuating value of Dogecoin. No more need to log in and update prices every day!
    Instead the system will update your price to always match the initial value in USD when the listing was created!
  • Subscribe to a search you make. You interested in buying Steam games? Or perhaps Steam games cheaper than 5000D? Just make the search and subscribe to it. After that you will be notified by email when new offers matching you subscription are added!

  • No sign up fees!
  • No % or fees on sales!
  • ... totally free to use!

Like and support

Join us and start building your own reputation today! Already over 1000 active users!


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