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Best wallet for Doge- Updated 3/30/2014 - Dark Wallet -
« on: May 30, 2014, 03:03:07 PM »

The Moments Here And Its Time To Make A Choice

Dark Wallet Is A New Lineage
-We want to start with a simple premise: Bitcoin in your browser. We want a beautiful experience with privacy features built in by default.

-This wallet will serve as a platform or a starting codebase to deliver a high quality Bitcoin that serves you, the users.

-Keep Bitcoin private and uncensored. Both properties go hand in hand. You need anonymity for personal freedom. A free society does not censor any one person's voice (or monetary vote), no matter how uncomfortable that makes us feel.

Join Us:

The Future Is Bright, The Future Is Bitcoin.

The purpose of this project as we develop our technological capabilities will be to explore blockchain hyperspace creating p2p, crypto and opensource software that delivers this new world to you, the user, the king, the pioneer.

    Auto-anonymiser for your Bitcoins.
    Broadcasters to avoid triangulation of your financial transactions.
    Decentralised trading.
    Highly scalable blockchain infrastructure.
    Uncensorable crowdfunding platforms, stock platforms and information blackmarkets.
    Private asset issuance.

Ultra Light Wallet

DarkWallet works by connecting to an obelisk server for all of the blockchain queries and getting notifications about changes in the bitcoin network. We don't initially download headers or otherwise check the history from obelisk at this point.


Stealth addresses are a new form of bitcoin addresses that solve the problem of address reuse. They allow the sender to generate new addresses for the receiver, and sending without anyone watching the blockchain knowing the receiver is the owner of the original stealth address.

Coin Mixing

Dark Wallet software uses the power of encryption and technology of CoinJoin. Every time a user spends bitcoins, his or her transaction is combined with that of another user chosen at random who’s making a payment around the same time.

Let There Be Dark


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