Author Topic: Bad Shibes be gone! Validation at has gone live!  (Read 679 times)

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The day is finally here. The user information validation features has gone live on It has taken me a while to build a generic validator so I can add more validation options in the future but I REALLY hope it will help all of you honest Shibes when you do business. In short, you will now be able to validate information about yourself to help users know who you are and help build trust among users.
To validate information about yourself, click “Validate user information” in your profile menu.

From there you will be given a list of options of information to validate. Right now this includes Twitter account, Reddit account, websites you run, phone number via sms. Once you select a type of information to validate you will be given more instructions to follow for that specific validator.

Users will be able to see validated information on the users public profile page. The information will mark when the validation occurred and information will be clickable to easily get to the Reddit account for a further look into the persons background.

Information regarding if a user has validated information will also be displayed on each item on the site.

I hope this will help people finding good Shibes on the site that they can trust and that it will help people when deciding who to do business with. Keep in mind that this is a spanking new feature and although I have tested all validators myself several times there could be issues for some. If that happens, let me know. Contact me throuch contact form on site or mail with information about what validator you were trying to validate with, what user you have on and what data (i.e. username, phone number, url) you were trying to validate.

Make sure to do your business with other users on so that you to can look at their validated information to avoid being scammed.

Always be on your guard. Know that this new feature is to help YOU make a decision of who YOU want to trust. I cannot vouch for anyone personally.

Please help spread the word to fellow Shibes so we get a lot of validated users so we can start doing some trusted business!
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Re: Bad Shibes be gone! Validation at has gone live!
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