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Dogecoin, My Cat Needs Your Help (viewer discretion advised)
« on: April 07, 2015, 10:48:07 AM »
Hello and thank you for taking a moment out of your day to hear Sugar's story. My name is Joseph and my wifes name is Jennifer. We both maintain full time jobs but the area in which we live the cost of living is a bit much. We are able to live on our own and make sure our animals make routine trips to the vets. But unfortunately we were not financially prepared for this. Here's our story. My wife and I got our cat Sugar May 2010 from an older couple who were moving and could not take her. Being 6 years old when we brought her home she did not warm up to us right away. It took time. Though six months after we got her you would have never known that we hadn't raised her from a kitten.

October came around and Ms. Kitty started to get sores on her face, that would literally show up over night. We took her into see her Vet and was given a shot of antibiotic and just that quickly it was gone. Well this occurred a few more times by early December when the Vet said she needed to have some dental work done otherwise these sores would keep coming back. This is when the sore made its self present. We took her in for her dental work and got another shot of antibiotic and everything got better on her face but the ear didn't do much.

So we watched it. It never really got worse nor better but Ms. Kitty just couldn't stand the thing being there. Always scratching at it. We took her back in a couple more times and they sent her right back home after another shot. One Saturday afternoon late February I walked into my kitchen and I thought my cat was dead. Just pools of blood everywhere. Not small ones either. Frantic I was on the phone with the emergency number at our Vet and they just told me to put ice on it and that would stop the bleeding and to come in first thing Monday. (-.-) Monday morning we went to the vet and they gave her a shot and sent her home. Over the course of the next two weeks a good friend from work, who was raised on a farm with animals,  came over and helped tend to Ms. Kitty. Well in two weeks she was able to get her ear to make some improvements. So we had a follow up with at the Vet's and they wanted to just give her another shot... (Keep in mind its now March 2015 and this shot has not once done anything for this ear NOT ONCE) I voiced my concerns. I told them that I didn't believe it was working and was told then there wasn't anything they COULD DO! :'( That was my last straw. I told them that we have been dealing with this since December and it hasn't gotten any better and they better let me speak with the actual Vet because they better fix this. How quickly I get to see the actual Vet and she tells me all of the sudden that she could try another type of antibiotic but really she is certain that its a tumor and writes me a refferal to KSU Vet Med Oncology dept. It took five months of nothing being done and me to start crying and yelling at them for a referral to be made. How long would this have gone on if I had kept my cool and my faith in this person who was supposed to be helping my cat?

 Well its now the beginning of April and we finally got to meet with the Oncologists at KSTATE Vet Med and for the most part everything went well, other than the part we were there for. As a new patient Ms. Kitty had to undergo a full physical which turned up a heart murmur as well as another multiple masses in her other ear. The doctor told us the main ear with issues was so over taken by masses that they could not make any attempts to diagnose it without out running blood work, getting x-rays (to see if the masses had spread to any other parts of her body), as well as an ultrasound (for the heart murmur). All tests came back great except for one but that was her white blood cells, they were high do to the ulcerations on the back of her ear. So here we are now. In order for Sugar to be cancer free they have to remove her Left ear entirely including the canal and all other interal parts of the ear and the Right ear will lose the ear canal. The present quote for her surgery, which will allow her to live out the rest of her very long amount of years ( quoted from our Doctor) healthy just unfortunately without hearing, is $2,500.00. That includes her CAT scan before surgery, her anesthetics, as well as the surgery for both ears, and any medications she would have to be on right after surgery.

I saw a post along time ago about the dogecoin community helping a fellow and his dog with surgery. Never thought I would be in the same situation with seemingly no way out except raising enough money for surgery, or putting my beloved cat Sugar to sleep. I know this is along shot, but I cannot sleep at night without knowing that I at least tried everything I could.

If you would like to donate Dogecoin:
Wallet Address: DRQdc6B1d8kYDLw6r9mqTL3RAJUqSZaBR4

If you would like to donate money:
My wifes Gofundme:

If this does happen to work, after all expenses are paid for her surgery and recovery, the excess will be donated to a local No Kill shelter here in Manhattan, KS.

Thank you all so much.



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