Author Topic: A CALL FOR HELP - Please help save my home  (Read 2027 times)

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A CALL FOR HELP - Please help save my home
« on: April 14, 2014, 07:34:57 PM »
Hello everyone.
First of all, I have to say that I'm feeling really embarrassed by reaching out to all of you. I struggled with this idea for quite some time, but finally decided that there is no other way for me. That I could at least try, as my cause with which I'm coming to you is more crucial to me personally, than my own dignity.

However, I go by a different nickname on this forum, other than Neizu, by which I could be easily found on facebook and get my true identity exposed. Because of fear of widespread ridicule, I wish to avoid that and keep my anonimity intact. I don’t wish to be recognized in the internet as begger…

I'm here to ask you for help and support. Truth being, this is not a call for a donations or fundrising for any project that would in any way serve crypto community itself. Nor I am someone well know, as for example Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto. I'm nobody. But still, this is a desperate call for help. Simply put, as from one fellow human being to another. Though I wouldn't be able to give anything back in exchange for your generosity and support, anything other than my sincere Thank You.

The matter is, soon I'm about to lose my home, due to eviction. In just over one month, there will be a hearing in the court, which will determine about it. When that happens, I have nowhere to go.

Some of you might wonder, what is the reason behind this, and how I could allow that to happen in the first place. The story behind it looks like this:
The place where I am living now, I don't own it. It is a communal/social apartment given to my family years ago, after another eviction that happened to us when I was 17yrs old. Now i'm 25. We always were poor family. My mom's disability pension being the only income that we were living on, we were always lacking funds for the basic monthly bills, but mostly the rent itself. My dad didn't live with us, since I was small kid. He was a drunk, so my parents got divorced, and he ended up being homeless. He still is, to this day, yet we (as me, not my mom) maintain constant good relation with each other.

When this first eviction happened, soon after I turned 18, I traveled abroad, in search of a job and a decent income. My priorities were to collect enough money, so I could buy a house for my dad. Eventually after a few years, I did bought it. Altought, I should say that I bought a ruined building, for which I paid $4,000. Not suitable as a living place. Unless I would spend another $10,000 for reparations. I still hope it will be done. Some day in the future. Unfortunately, as of now, it's only a hope. Also, my own input in buying this building have been only $2,000, as other 2k were provided by my aunt, my dad’s sister. Because of my current situation, I could sell off this building to get the funds I need so desperately right now, but I’m forbid by my aunt to do so.

As of my mom, she have stayed alone at the new communal/social apartment. Living by herself, with as little as she had. Often I supported her from abroad with some extra money for a living or to pay the bills. I should mention that at my home country, living in such apartment, you are living there under a contract to pay monthly rent all by yourself. Not as for example in the United Kingdom, where someone not able to sustain himself gets a house from the council, and his rent is also paid by the council. That's some sweet reality for the British people, but not in my country. When you don't pay, they get you evicted to some place with a lower standard. Sadly, the second time, they can even dump you to the street...
Eventually, the reality in the country, where I was living abroad, has shifted over the years. It was getting harder and harder for me to find a job or to maintain in it for a longer period, so in the end I had to come back home. That occurred two years ago.

After returning, with the reality being as it is at my home country, it wasn't any easier to live. But still, I was at home. Not some foreign country. I had to believe that I will work it out somehow... So I found a job, first that came up available, and it was all good. With a monthly income being just $350, I had to manage it somehow. Pay the bills, rent, and barely survive with what is left. Often my homeless dad, who sustains himself from collecting scrap metal, had to support me for days, till my next pay day at work, when I was running short with money even for a basic things as food.

Unfortunately, I cannot expect anything better. Because I went abroad after a job at young age, I didn't gain any higher grade education. Without it I cannot expect to get employed anywhere else, certainly not with a much better income.
But coming back to the main reason, why I am here... After one year (which means one year ago) I found out that once again there is an immense debt from the unpaid rent. All those years, when I was abroad, my mom did not pay the rent at all. And she kept it secret from me. She was telling me, that everything was fine. But with her own money from her disability pension ($130 monthly), and all those money that I have sent her (usually $100 per month, and another $100 I’ve often sent also for my dad), some financial support from her own mom ie my grandmother, she still didn't pay the rent ($80 monthly). She was spending it all for a living and her medications.

I couldn't do anything. I was not able to repay that debt, back then, nor I was able to do it till now. I can't even help myself with a loan, as my credit score, judged by my income, is too low to get one. Not even one close to 1/10 of the required amount. Also my work contract is short term, renewed every year, so with that I can forget about a long term loan. All I could do is hopelessly wait for the worst to happen. And it sure did. On February this year, I received a letter with a court suit for my eviction. Although I kept paying the rent on time since I live at this place, the district management office must have decided that the immense overdue debt is not getting paid for too long.
As of now, my mom is safe, in a way. A few months ago she got married. Since then, she have partially moved out to her husband. She comes with a visit for a few days, couple times a month. When she's away, I invite my dad to my place. Otherwise, he sleeps in the sewer...
Of course, my mom doesn’t know about it, that I invite my dad when she’s away, and as the things are between them (not good), she must never know.
Generally, she partially gave up on this home, as she believes she can do nothing to save it. As for me, she expects that I will probably go away abroad again. Somewhere, wherever... But I don't want that to happen.
Also, I should mention, that because of her marriage, when the eviction will happen, she would most likely be considered not entitled to another social apartment. She might have, because of her disability pension, but not anymore. Months ago, she didn't consider this, while getting married, that her marriage will work against us in the court.
Anything I can do right now is to ask for a support of a donations. From all of you, in the crypto community. With as little, as anyone of you would be willing to help.

The only way I can provide any credibility to this story, is simply to show some pictures. Pictures of my dad, of what he does for a living, and pictures of translated letter from the court and notice about the amount of the debt itself.
That would be about 15 btc, considering that bitcoin might recover some of it’s value during next month.

Also I provide a screenshot of my Bitcoin wallet. I tried to trade (rather unsuccessfully) with bitcoins, with as little I could afford, since last December. After I heard in the news about it reaching over a thousand dollars per coin. I couldn’t sleep for two weeks because of missing this train… Nor can I still forgive myself, that I didn’t buy any bitcoins back in 2010 when I came across it for the first time. Soon after I completely forgot about it. But not as many other people, who actually have bought a lot of them, and then forgot too, to find out that now they are rich…
I covered my main btc address from the pictures, as it could track my personality in the google. I found about it after taking the pictures.

I think that I won’t be following this thread after posting it. I’m a bit scared to read the responses. I would only hope, that in a month time, soon before the hearing in the court, I would have enough funds to take it to the district management office, show them that I actually got those money for them, and try to convince them to withdraw from the eviction suit. That’s the only way…

Until then, for anyone who will contribute to my cause, with any amount of donations, big THANK YOU!!!  :)

Donation addresses:

BTC 1CheCkuzUUQWhtPTqYkoCF8pTHbaQu8oTi


DOGE D7VuWq2Whw8zYrJyUHyTLm8gygR2Qzyxca

Sincerely, Neizu


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Re: A CALL FOR HELP - Please help save my home
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2014, 12:19:15 AM »
I felt that I had to respond...

1.  If you actually "own" real estate, then any court can file a lien against your assets, so your aunt really has no option to hold against you

2.  Your dad is a scrapper.  Cool, I did that for 3 years...assuming you have as much drive to put this post on the internet, then you can put the same effort into doing what he does.

3.  If you are one of those people that believes in the celestial dictator aka: god...then hop down to your local church and see if they can help you out.  Seems that groups like the catholics for example talk a good talk about helping the poor and needy but somehow just can't seem to let go of all the gold and jewelry for their little old men with pointy hats!

4.  If you do get evicted...then don't worry!  That is called real life.  Hopefully you will learn to accept your limits and not blame everything on others or your past.  Learn from your mistakes and become a better person. 
If you feel that my assistance and or comments have helped you:


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Re: A CALL FOR HELP - Please help save my home
« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2014, 06:15:47 AM »
Well...I am sending you some....and wish you all the luck in the world...
In any scenario, do not lose hope and start robbing banks  ;)

a ča je život vengo fantaž is a pure fantasy


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