Author Topic: What this total Doge-Noob has learned in the past few days.  (Read 1946 times)

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What this total Doge-Noob has learned in the past few days.
« on: December 20, 2013, 06:01:00 AM »
OK, this is totally new to me, and the people here on the forum have been of great help!!!

Lessons I have learned!!
1) Have your wallet set up and synced before you attempt anything!!  I tried to set my wallet up at work (wouldn't sync because it was blocked by the firewall).  Had the address so started receiving DOGEs, figuring when it synced at home it would be there.  NOT!  Nothing sent before the wallet synced ever made it..  So Sad!!!  About 25,000 DOGEs down the crapper!!

2) CPU Mining blows goats!!  I had 2 i7s and an i5 running and the hash rate sucked!!  One of my i7s has a crappy Nvidia board, configured it for GPU and tripled my hash rate.  I have now orderd a good graphics card!!

3) Get in early!!!  If you are a CPU miner don't expect big payouts!!  I have been scraping 1-2K a day!  I see prople making 50-100K a day, I'm hoping the new video board will help!!

4) Have fun and let's go to the moon!!

5)  Help a poor miner out!!!  Send DOGEs!!!
Throw me a Doge Bone!!!


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