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Websites and Info to Help you get started in DOGE
« on: December 29, 2013, 09:34:48 AM »
Here is a collection of websites and information collected across the internet to help you get started in DOGE COINS and/or crypto-currency.

Please bump the post so that others may be informed. Also a little appreciation would be in turn appreciated. :-)

Dogecoin is a steadily rising cryptocurrency.
It is pretty new, so it's easy to acquire, although it's becoming harder fast, it's becoming increasingly more valuable with time and it's getting more and more popular, which probably has to do with the fact that it is related to the doge meme, which gives it some popularity, also, it's a good time to jump on it as BTC is bombing fast.
I recommend jumping on the bandwagon asap, as it's probably going to get bigger from here on out and there is profit to be made. is the official website which has links to the wallet.


Because Bitcoin is an open-source project, anyone can take the source code, modify it, and then use the modified software to create their own Bitcoin-like network. The founders of Dogecoin took the source code of another Bitcoin variant called Litecoin, made some further tweaks, and rebranded it as "Dogecoin." That's a reference to the canine variant of lolcats, an Internet meme where a grammatically challenged dog makes excited statements.

Dogecoin has been around for less than a month this December 2013. In that time, the value of all dogecoins in existence has skyrockted from zero to more than $8 million.


There are several online exchanges that handle DOGE/BTC and DOGE/LTC trading. The price is highly volatile due to the relatively short lifespan of the currency. As of Dec 19th 2013, the price for one DOGE was $0.00095,[12] although this hasn't been a deterrent for exchange since people are trading real-world items in exchange for DOGE on major online communities such as Reddit.


One of the hardest things to get past is all the terminology and software that you need to setup in order to actually USE a crypto currency.  Dogecoin is a fork of the Litecoin project, itself a fork of the bitcoin project.


Bitcoin – The “original” crypto currency.  Uses SHA256 algorithm.  Hard to mine unless using specialized hardware

Litecoin – A new crypto currency that uses the scrypt algorithm.  Able to mine using cpus and videocards.

Dogecoin – Such coin! Much wow!  An alt coin that is a fork of litecoin and based on the shibu inu doge meme.  A fun crypto currency, easy to mine and learn with.

SHA256 – The algorithm used by bitcoin.  CPUs and GPU based hashing have been replaced by specialized hardware dedicated to this algorithm.

scrypt – the algorithm used by altcoins (litecoin, dogecoin).  Scrypt is designed to be mined only with cpus and gpus.  Dedicated hardware is said to be “impossible” due to the way it’s designed.

wallet – a program or website that has unique address and is connected to the blockchain.

minerd – a program used to cpu mine.

cgminer – a program used to gpu mine with ATI cards (previous versions only) or dedicated hardware (for bitcoin).

cudaminer – A program to gpu mine with nVidia cards.
pool – a group of individuals all mining together to pool together resources and share in the mined coins.

block chain - a list of all transactions.  every wallet syncs up to each other and keeps a log of all transactions.  when you send coins to an address, every wallet syncs up, and the wallet with the correct address receives the coins.  depending on the coin, it could take minutes to days to sync up 100%.

workers - a name associated with your account that you use to mine with.  You make a worker for each computer you will be mining with.  for example, my username is shea.  I have 2 workers, one for each computer.  worker one is named red, worker two is named green.

You will want to download the dogecoin wallet software at  Unzip the file and then run dogecoin-qt.

You will have zero dogecoins when you start.  And you will not by synced to the blockchain.  It will probably take a few hours before the checkmark on the right hand side appears.  You can hover over it to see how much syncing you have left.

You don’t need to be synced to mine though or to generate addresses to send and receive coins from.

Click on "Much Receive" to find your current wallet address.


You are going to want to join a pool.  You will be pooling your resources with a group of others to share the difficulty in mining, and you will receive an amount of coins proportionate to the mining power you put in.  Most pool websites look the same, since the run the same open source software.  Find one you like with a fast server and a quick loading website.  It may take you two or three tries before you find a good pool.


Here are two pools that I personally use. It is recommended that you have a backup pool. Because some pools do go down sometimes. Most mining software do also allow you to mine two Pools at once, even three pools.


After a while, you should see dogecoins in your pool account.  You will want to cash those out and send them to your wallet.  Go back to the pool website, click on My Account, and you will want to put in your wallet address (you may want to make a new address for each pool) into the form.

When you are ready, click on the Cash Out button.  You should receive your coins in a few minutes.


While CPU mining through the dogecoin client is a good start to grabbing a few dogecoins, it really doesn’t compete with mining with a dedicated graphics cards(GPU) instead.  With a CPU you may get a few hundred coins a day, a GPU with the current difficulty of around 350 you can get thousands or even hundreds of thousands, depending on the card.

Just a little warning before you start: Like CPU mining, GPU mining is very intensive on the computer.  I would not recommend running very high settings unless you have adequate cooling.  Both may reduce the lifespan of your computer components as well, if you are running the mining program 24/7, so keep that in mind when deciding whether or not you want to mine.

If you have an AMD or ATI card it is recommended that you use CGMiner.

If you have an NVIDIA Card it is recommended that you use a CUDAMiner.


Below is a site that presents a table where most Video Cards/gpus (ATI and NVIDIA) and CPUS are listed along with there kilohash and sometimes even wattage consumption so that if you do ever buy a rig you'll know what to get. You could also see how your current GPU or CPU stacks with the others.

For those that are starting out I suggest that you get an R9 280x gpu because it is usable with CrossFireX tech.

Coin Army allows you to compare one crypto from another and it also has a built in app that allows you to compute how much your going to earn in days, weeks, or months based on the price of kilowatt hour you have and your current hash rate.


DOGE COIN Faucets are websites where you enter your Doge Address and you get some Doge Coins for FREE. Most are protected my captchas so that they don't get abused. Please donate to the faucets to help get others started once you make some significant DOGE.


Get the current price of DOGE here:


Dogecoin functions using public-key cryptography, in which a user generates a pair of cryptographic keys: one public and one private. Only the private key can decode information encrypted with the public key; therefore the keys' owner can distribute the public key openly without fear that anyone will be able to use it to gain access to the encrypted information. All Dogecoin addresses are public keys; they are a string of 34 numbers and letters starting with the letter D.

An example address (public key) is the address DBxbb3wXMMc6y2vvZufHGjmB17dM2Lpab6, which belongs to (The private key, however, must be kept secret and secure). The public key is the Dogecoin address to which other users can send dogecoins. When making a purchase with a mobile device, the use of QR codes to simplify transactions is ubiquitous.

Before buying or acquiring a dedicated mining rig I suggest you experiment first with your current PC or even laptop (laptops heat up faster though and you might damage it with mining). Explore the internet and this forum and get a feel of what Mining or Trading crypto currency is. If it's for you than do the leap and set-up a mining rig.

Remember to spread the word about DOGE and crypto currency this ensures that more people would use them hence increasing the value of whatever crypto currency that you have.
If this post helped you in anyway and you would like to donate any amount of coins (100 Doge Coins?), my addresses are as follows:


BITCOIN: 1FK6oQptVtruJomREhfv8Ua5vtnfmghkaK


I will update and improve this post in the future currently I'm currently busy with my online and offline businesse. Hope you guys appreciate the post.
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Re: Websites and Info to Help you get started in DOGE
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Is quite interesting.


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