Author Topic: The City Press: Knight dream 08 ext new signings  (Read 1102 times)

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The City Press: Knight dream 08 ext new signings
« on: January 09, 2015, 12:07:44 AM »

The City Press: Knight dream 08 ext new signings like one continuous transactions. in recent days, the Cavaliers are robbed enough, through a series of transactions,  victoria secret bikinis nz  who just a few days the squad completed a dramatic escalation, has won an excellent backcourt defense expert, an experienced marksman, and a tough basket guardians. And that's all, and seven years ago is how similar. The trade deadline in February 2008, between Knight and bulls, the Sonics completed their three-party transaction trading scheme involves a total of 11 players. Through the deal, Cavaliers Center Ben Wallace, Swingman Wally-Wally Szczerbiak and guard delonte West. At that time the Knights, has just burst into a finals series, but because of a bad start for the new season (before trading 30 WINS and 24 losses), the team management is also determined to big changes in the lineup. They believe that through three reinforcements obtained in the deal, they have the opportunity to go further in the playoffs.

Sounds familiar right? 08, Vettese, Wally Szczerbiak, Big Ben, today, Sam Cooper, Smith, Mozgov, faces are fresh, but one by one, technical style is so similar. Again see a eye data: when of three people group, West field are 6.8 points 2.7 a rebounds 3.2 times assists, Wally Szczerbiak 13.1 points 2.7 a rebounds 1.4 times assists, big this 5.1 points 8.8 a rebounds 1.8 times assists, three people total 25 points 14.2 a rebounds 6.4 times assists; today of three name new aid, mountain Sam Cooper special 9.3 points 3.4 a rebounds 3.3 times assists, Smith 10.9 points 2.4 rebounds, 3.4 assists, Mozgov 8.5 points and 7.8 rebounds, 0.6 assists, added followed by 28.7 points and 13.6 rebounds, 7.3 assists, and very similar, right? Difference is that the rider does not need to be like it used to pay the cost of most major force rotation, they just lose the duhem-Vettese as well as some draft picks, so of course, they also have reason to believe will receive better results than the year. When the Knight, then only 15 WINS and 13 losses, eliminated from the second round of the playoffs. But next season they played 66 best record in the history of team wins and 16 losses, proved fully running team has the ability to play better. Then today this Knight? In addition to the "Trio," outside of LeBron, they also added Kevin Loew [Twitter] and Kerry-Owen two superstars, but also their desire for a championship is more urgent. End result, only time will answer.

 Hawks have officially started selling the valuation as high as $ 425 million. According to the ESPN report, Atlanta Hawks have officially go on sale. Eagles outside of 100% stake in the sale in addition to, also have a home game at Philips Arena operating rights. Prior to the Los Angeles Clippers were sold last year, for which Forbes valued at $ 575 million dollars, final Ballmer invested 2 billion dollars heavily to buy clippers and Hawks were valued at $ 425 million. Hawks big shareholder Bruce Levenson in their e-mail after revelations involving racial discrimination, announced the sale of their 50.1% stake in Eagle since the other two bosses in Kuala Lumpur and the price agreed to sell their stakes. Eagles record was outstanding this season, start 27 WINS and 8 losses higher ranked first in the East, it is their best start in team history. Earlier Seattle Consortium hopes to buy the hawks, but they hope to relocate to Seattle, NBA spokesman says the Eagles will not be moving to that city, was revealed when the Mayor of Atlanta in the offseason, potential buyers of the Eagle also included bosses from China.


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