Author Topic: suggestion for devs - control of current connections  (Read 774 times)

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suggestion for devs - control of current connections
« on: January 06, 2014, 04:10:23 PM »
Hello all, as a dogecoin miner I have what I consider to be a satisfactory rig, and have been getting modest dogecoin mining rates.
The launcher has this neat little shiny feeling- which I like, however the launcher and I have a problem with each other.

When I try to play games online with the launcher going, I get -massive- amounts of lag, now it doesn't help that i've got a decade-old connection that I can't upgrade for some reason but when dogecoin's running in full force

My suggestion is this: Allow users more control over how many connections they can have at a time over the

ideally I'd see this as a new dialog, like this:
  • min connections
  • max connections
  • max connections when fully synced
  • min connections when fully synced

aside from these settings, I wonder if no-limit connections should be -1 or 0?

so far, the idea is for the user to control how many connections they have if their wallet is or isn't fully synced up. When my wallet is fully synced up, I don't really need to have so many connections to the network running, as it drains bandwidth on my end and makes me lag in games.

However, if I had a setting like this, it could minimize the lag on my end.

Always Appreciated: DDwgEnQ9Q3g8XTCqaRkcLLuKEs8CgryuiC


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