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much new, many question
« on: December 27, 2013, 06:27:02 AM »
Hello everyone,

I have downloaded and installed the DogeCoin Wallet and set up a Miner with the help of abracadavre's great tutorial. And whililst my GPU is happily mining, I came up with some questions:

1) How exactly does the "Dig" feature the Wallet offers work? Does it use AMD GPU? How would I have to set it up?

2) All coins my miner recieves are sent to the adress provided in my DogeCoin-Wallet ("Much Recieve") and nowhere else, right?

3) What should I do to make my wallet reasonably secure? I have it encryptet allready, but is there more I should do?

4) What are those faucets? Do they really give away free DogeCoins or is there some catch?

5) Which mining-pool would you recommend?

I'm sorry if my questions seem stupid, but I am a complete newbie to CryptoCurrency who doesn't want to make rookie-mistakes. Thank you all in advance :)

Woof, Dogevailo
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Re: much new, many question
« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2013, 05:39:58 PM »
1.  Unless some things have changed, I don't recommend using the dig feature in your wallet.  Sign up for a pool and run a miner such as cgminer (or cudaminer if you have a Nvidia card).

2.  Yes, the coins that you receive in your wallet are yours and only yours.  However, any transactions that you make with coins will be stored on the blockchain and can be viewed publicly.  However, that doesn't give anybody enough information to do anything malicious to you with.

3.  Personally, I encrypt mine with a large password and back it up in two different offline storage devices that do not access the internet.  DO NOT store them in an online wallet. 

4.  Faucets do indeed give away free Dogecoins, but don't expect to make a fortune off of them.  Oftentimes it is only for a handfu if that.

5.  There are tons of great pools out there.  Personally, I use as it will mine the most profitable coin automatically.  I also use dogehouse.


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