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Miami Charter flights arrived late at night
« on: January 09, 2015, 12:10:11 AM »

Miami Charter flights arrived late at night long delays Wade joked like China,Annual fly away Portland, Miami [Twitter] is a painful thing for players, and this year is  victoria secret online  worse because Charter failed, the team on the road the 14-hour, Dwyane Wade [Twitter] say it feels like a trip to China. According to the travel, voyage to Portland, Miami, plus fuel, approximately 8.5 hours, temporary failures may be due to Charter flights, were forced to divert to Memphis repairs, repair is not finally replace the aircraft, a variety of State, spent 14 hours. Miami Heat starting from noon local time until Portland arrived at 11 o'clock in the evening on the ground (two 3-hour time difference). "We have finally landed in Portland," Wade said on Twitter, "it's way too long, I thought we were going to fly to China yet! "He also said, the heat about 3-hour layover in Memphis," we can play a good game, and then take a shower.

"Portland is the home of coach Erik Spoelstra, regular season so a homecoming every year, he arranged a seder originally used, because of travel delays to be canceled. Miami today over Portland, will fly to the next overnight away from home. "Feel at home is great, but because of travel problems I didn't see anyone, it's a bit disappointing," Spoelstra said. Shabazz is the most miserable-Napier, who was recalled from the d-League's rookie, flight was delayed because of the weather, forced from the development League Southern University States fly to Minneapolis, then through Seattle and then flew to Portland. "I've been on the road, and many flights were delayed, the day is long," Napier said.Blazers under formal contract extension, General Manager of his out of the playoffs the rockets, according to the InsideHoops story, Portland Trail Blazers official announced that Neil Olsi renewal team and the General Manager for many years.

Olsi will also became a pioneer of basketball operations President, team owner Paul Allen, said: "our team made great progress under the leadership of Olsi was glad he finished his contract. Neil (Olsi) General Manager job done well, team and quickly build a playoff contender, I want to see more progress in the future. "Olsi in response to renewed, said:" this contract extension is the result of group work uniforms, owner Paul Allen also cashed out to maintain commitment to the long-term development of the team. The passion comes from the boss of the team, season ticket holders and all the fans for their support, they help us build can be proud of the team. "Olsi is pioneer from 2012 and as General Manager, he was also the 10th General Manager in team history. In his operation, the Blazers made the regular season 54-28 last season's success, and eliminated the Houston rockets in the first round of the playoffs, made a team playoff series victory for the first time in 14 years.


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