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Facebook Multicoin Tipping Bot---- Ride The Tipping Wave!!!
« on: April 01, 2014, 12:46:48 PM »
Riding the tipping wave ~ Must read!

Please join one of the official groups, because you can't tip from anywhere but here:

    The MultiCoin Tipping Group
    Einsteinium Group
    Fedoracoin Group
    Mintcoin Group
    Quarkcoin Group
    Reddcoin Group
    Vertcoin Group
    Digibyte Group
    Do you want a group to be added to this list? Click here! 

Then, you can tip your friends or practically any Facebook user on a new post, a comment or the description field of any item being shared on any of the official groups:
Give amount world to @your friend name @another friend... some message

You can tip everyone even if they're not users of the group, and you can include as many people as you want on a single message (every person tagged in your message will be tipped with the specified amount), but be sure to have enough balance to cover them all!
Important considerations

    Visibility restrictions apply! Tips will fail -and will not be logged- under the next circumstances:
        You've specified on your Facebook security settings that you don't want to be tagged.
        You're tagging someone that doesn't want to be tagged.

    You must make sure that, when tipping someone, the recipient is a person and not a page or a group.

    People receiving a tip for the first time will not get a notification from this app. They get a notification because you've tagged them, but that's all. Please check this post on our official group and take it as an example on how to tip someone you're going to tip for the first time.

    It doesn't matter where on your post or description or comment you do type the sentence, as long as it is correctly typed.

Join us on Facebook at all the groups above.


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