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Big scam? Premier League officials
« on: January 09, 2015, 12:06:28 AM »

Big scam? Premier League officials confirmed Frank Lampard never move to New York City.On the transfer of Frank Lampard, Manchester City between  victoria secret swimwear nz  New York City and operating problems which still many fans to understand. Initially fans think that Frank Lampard is the first move to New York City and then sublet to Manchester City. But Premier League official has been publicly identified, Lampard has from the outset been registered as a Manchester City player, he hasn't signed any contracts in New York City, disputed Frank Lampard to move to Manchester City finally got the ultimate answers to the questions. Related: blockbuster suspects! Manchester City and Frank Lampard deceived the whole world? On January 1 of this year, city officials announced that Frank Lampard to lease, on the surface, it seems that Frank Lampard had contracts with New York City in the body. However, Premier League officials said although last summer in New York City announced the signing of Frank Lampard

 but Lampard I never signed any written contract with the New York City, but directly into short-term full-time contract with Manchester City, during the new year's day this year that the contract was extended to the end of the season. United Kingdom media outlet sportinglife said Lampard is a direct contract with Manchester City and New York City football group's parent company, following the controversy, Premier League conducted a survey on this matter, indicated there was no evidence that Frank Lampard has joined New York City, this also means that Manchester City renew Lampard and no violation, because Frank Lampard did not contract from New York City. Premier League officials said in a statement: "until two thousand fourteen-fifteenthsThe end of the season

 Frank Lampard would be registered players of Manchester City, Premier League officials have sought and received guarantees of the city, in terms of Frank Lampard, Manchester and New York City did not reach any agreement between the two clubs. "This statement means, and never had any ownership between Frank Lampard and New York City, he was directly within the city. Taking into account last summer in New York City has officially announced that Frank Lampard joined, Lampard was given the team holding up Jersey official photos of New York City, as well as related in an interview, sold and marketed for Lampard a lot of season tickets and jerseys, now confirmed that both sides had not signed any contract, this funny, whether Manchester City and supposedly benevolent the Lampard deceived the world.


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