Author Topic: Aeration Messi promised late coach team.  (Read 1125 times)

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Aeration Messi promised late coach team.
« on: January 09, 2015, 12:05:29 AM »
Aeration Messi promised late coach team. with Barcelona have problems for two years. Guan Meixi hearsay recently left for one of football's most compelling news, victoria secret nz   former Barcelona Assistant, had previously served as Shandong Luneng Manager Teng Kate recently revealed in an interview, Macy's is currently staying at Barcelona because of now deceased former Barcelona coach Vilanova's commitment. Teng Kate told Netherlands media interview with the Telegraph, said: "as far as I know, (Barcelona and Messi) problems arose two years ago, Macy's also remain at the Club as the contrasting commitment to Villanova. But I think Macy's move is good for both. Lionel Messi at Barcelona has for some time now, and needed a new challenge. He deserves a lot of the transfer fee, but now he is beginning to reduce the value. I hope to become more active, because over the past 10 years he has reached another level, I'm not sure if Messi returns to the best level. "Teng Kate then said:"

 can shine like Messi 10 was not easy, stars usually only 7-8 the peak of the year. Honestly Lionel Messi last season, was not in the best condition, although data are still outstanding. "Copa Barcelona-meixisushen shot the Player 2 ball 5-0 home win. (Spain 8th local time 22:00), two thousand fourteen-fifteenths season Spain Kings Cup one-eighth-finals first leg on a clash at the Nou Camp Stadium by edging Barcelona, a 5:0 home victory over Elche, Messi and Luis Suarez shot more, neymar scored twice and made a penalty chance, Alba netted a goal. Both sides in the second leg next week. This is the first time in 49 years meet in the King's Cup. Barcelona nearly 2 season home victory of Elche, scoring 7 goals and a clean sheet to secure it. Enrique rotation of 8 people, Messi and the player returned to start only Suárez, Javier Mascherano and Alba continues to play. Both sides before the game for recently deceased former Barcelona player Fernando Arghira of silence, at the age of 94. The first 10 minutes, he left the area with Alba playing tie at Damian Suarez defensive walls fell, the referee refused to award a penalty. Later Massey road, past the edge of the area after 3 people shot was confiscated. Barcelona's 19th-minute looped onto Messi's free kick cross was saved, Alves 30-yard volley an empty net off the left post. On 28 minutes, Mae West ramp, neymar Jet in the air box on the upper left corner and missed the right post. Ba Sadi 35 minutes to break the deadlock, Lionel Messi and Cergy-Roberto passing Suarez Dain selfless diagonal of the area

 unguarded neymar scored to push before the box. The 39 minute, Alves up front blocked Suarez Jet 12 yards was saved by Tecton. Ba Sadi expanded 40 minute score, Alba pass and suya Juarez out of one cut into the penalty area from 12 yards on the left side their shot into the net, 2-0. Then the player single pole push 12 yards out. The 43rdMinute, Alves through, Macy's little edge shot under the crossbar into the net was disallowed for offside. Barcelona half injury-time unbeaten neymar run into the area by Rocco down Messi penalty hit, 3-0. Leading Barcelona full control of the situation. The first 56 minutes, Messi direct, the Alba 10 yards offside single low neat, 4-0. On 59 minutes, Messi pass, neymar, Rocco first 20 yards from their shot deflected the ball under the crossbar into the net, 5-0. And Pedro have to replace Adriano and neymar played Alba. Messi's free kick shot was saved. Through Suarez, Pedro single Jet 12 yards off the left post. Barcelona appearances lineup (4-3-3): 1-special, Shi special root; 22-Alves, 3-pique (76',26-Samper), 15-Baltra, 18-Alba (61',21-Adriano); 4-Ivan rakitic, 14-Mascherano, 20-Cergy-Roberto; 9-Suarez, 10-Messi, 11-neymar (67',7-Pedro) previously for of one game in the, Sevilla away 2:1 win Granada. Deulofeu and Gameiro scored in succession, Bangura team pulled one back.


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