Author Topic: Wider acceptance of Dogecoin contingent on ease of trade and knowledge.  (Read 685 times)

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In my short time on this site I have seen numerous threads about how to suggest Dogecoin enter more Non English world markets.  I am new to Dogecoin and have some suggestions that may be helpful in making it easier for other potential users to accept the cryptocurrency.  First of all, If there were more guides available on how to set up doge wallets, buy said currency,mining as well as selling that were more user friendly(English or non English) then more of the general public would gain interest.  It's one thing to market in other languages, but it is entirely different for new users to understand the step by step process of gaining cryptocurrencies in general. 

When I made my first Dogecoin purchase it took some time trying to find decent wallets and exchanges to do business with.  Bitcoin was originally relegated to the community of the tech savy because of the process of setting up wallets, using cold storage for protection or even simply mining was not something the average Joe understood.  It's acceptance increased as the Bitcoin community grew and created more guides and introductions that were user friendly for those who have very little computer literacy.  Eventually larger businesses found Bitcoins popularity as something that may be viable for commercial use because of the avoidance of high transaction fees from the likes of Visa or Paypal.  The key to the success of Dogecoin is for its use to be as easy as say... using a Google search engine.  If the Dogecoin community can make enough how to guides or even videos of step by step processes for setting up Dogecoin wallets, commercial applications, mining and trading then more average users will be able to understand and accept it.  That's not to say accessibility of knowledge is the only issue with promoting Dogecoin.

After digging around (no pun intended) I had found only a handful of exchanges that dealt with Dogecoin.  The fact that you must use gift cards or other cryptocurrency to purchase Dogecoin makes trading subject to prior knowledge of Bitcoin/Litecoin or potentially getting scammed. The application of better trading methods for national currencies to Dogecoins is imperative for it to be accepted by more online merchants and average users.  If the security and number of exchanges that supported dogecoin were increased then that would help to legitimize the wider acceptance of this new crytpocurrency.  Its one thing to advertise a product, it's another to have a viable working product that makes its exchange easy and safe to use. 


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