Author Topic: Dogecoin Video contest 2014 need feedback  (Read 1592 times)

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Dogecoin Video contest 2014 need feedback
« on: November 28, 2014, 11:30:31 AM »
Dear Shibe

What do you think about a Video Contest ?

It is time to use the Spirit of DOGE again and make some nose again around the coin

The idea will be, this time not only using the traditional social network but the dogecoin’s blockchain “the dogechain” in order to vote for the best candidat.

A to use a voting system within the dogecoin blockchain

To start each candidate will broadcast its video on the major social networks (like Youtube / Twitter / reddit / Dogecoin forum)

Each platform will have its own champion thanks to the generated views and the Doge blochain will be used to elect the ultimate winner.

The idea is that each candidate will have its own public attached his signature video (generate an address just for this occasion is better)

For example: DC4NcDrgg9EGg9nBPi9tahfRM635tTZfDZ is the public signing key of the winner 2013

If we copy the address in the exploration dogecoin blockchain explorer this is what happen: M635tTZfDZ m m ...

We Get

Hash the balance in Doge the number of transactions sent to this address the total amount received

A logical approach would be to calculate the number of vote, not by the total number of transactions or the total amount of the Doge sent to this address but by applying a ration number of transactions / total (to be discussed) to encourage a large number of shibe to vote.

Of course the amount of a transaction can be without limits, It will motivate the Shibes to participate in the contest, use their doge creativity and make some noise around Doge and dogecoin again

As everyone now knows the technology behind the "dogechain" (WOW Such cool name!) is a giant ledger "open-source" decentralise which each transaction is checked and verified by the entire network, so impossible for a dishonest player to fraud or compromise the results.

The blockchain is the best model to vote without the intervention party actor and Guess what Dogecoin uses this technology ;) Yeaaah

Twitter @michaelaudoux or @orisprod To the moooon!


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