Author Topic: An open letter to Drexme for Dogecoin's future  (Read 801 times)

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An open letter to Drexme for Dogecoin's future
« on: December 15, 2013, 01:16:05 PM »
(Sorry,my English level is general.)

  Yesterday I first came to this forum and I buy some Dogecoin,because I am very optimistic about its future.I'd like to make a proposal for reference only.
  Your post is mentioned in the Chinese government.But the Chinese government simply do not admit that Btc is legal tender,it does not prevent the Btc deal.It argues that Btc is a kind of virtual goods,and people can trade with each other free as long as willing to take their own risk.So,the development of electronic currency in the Chinese is very good.

   At present, electronic money is very hot in Chinese,and there will be more people into this field.Many Chinese haven't good investment channels,but virtual currency offers new hope to them.

  So,My point is:The new virtual currency should as soon as possible to login China trading platform for the faster development.As long as Dogecoin can login China larger trading platform,its price will be rapid growth.

  Taking Applecoin for example. Applecoin was probably born in November 18, 2013(only just a month). At the beginning it was only traded in the forum. But its R & D team values the chinese market very much,and they established chinese website soon. Then,Applecoin logins in November 30, 2013. Its price rose to 0.6 yuan(CNY) each at the highest point. It then login in December 14, 2013,and its price increased rapidly to 2 yuan(equivalent of $0.33) each.Of course,the two platforms both are chinese trading platform,and Applecoin logins only these two platforms up to now.

Applecoin website:
Applecoin Chinese website:

  So I strongly advise Dogecoin create Chinese website as soon as possible,and try to contact Chinese larger trading platform now. Dogecoin should find a Chinese partner for the huge market of China.

  Here are a few relatively large, formal trading platform,please do your best to communicate with them,and encourage all forum members to influence them.

1: 比特时代
Contact information:

2: 易币网



TEL: 4008-367-667

6: Okcoin网

7: FXbtc

8: btc-e


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