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Wallet out of sync.
« on: April 02, 2014, 09:03:37 AM »
Hi guy,

sorry fpr my bad english skills, I'm German.
My dogecoin wallet puts all blocks in C:\...\Appdata\Dogecoin\blocks but there are only 2gb left so I decided to put it in D:\Dogecoin\qtdata.
I created a shortcut of dogecoin-qt with the command "....exe -datadir=D:\Dogecoin\qtdata. It created a new wallet so I got a new adress. I put the blocks from C:\ to D:\ because I did not want to download these again. Unfortunetly I recived 100k dogecoin on my old adress.
I still can open the "old" wallet with the old adress but it says synchronizing with network(16 week behind) so I can't see my coins. It just do not synchronize. There are 8 active connections but after 14 hours i still says "0 of 165882 blocks". When I put back the blocks from D:\ to C:\ I does not synchronize too. Also it says "Warning: Displayed transactions my not be correct! You may need to upgrade, or other nods need to upgrade.". I'm running on v1.6 and both wallets(D:\ and C:\) show this warning both do not synchronize but the "new" one is only 20 hous behind.

Please help me, otherwise I lose 100k coins and please try to use simple english as often as possible  :D



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