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Wallet / Client authenticity
« on: December 26, 2013, 07:29:14 AM »
Hey all, ended up being the lucky people to with the "get yourself hacked" jackpot today.
Being new to this who virtual currency, and realizing offline is the best bet. My question is, apart from say a virus / hacker intrusion, is there a issues with Wallet / Client authenticity? I mean every client I have downloaded (bitcoin/dogecoin/quark/litecoin) it's close to impossible to know its installations are the real thing. Or is that something not really possible? What about after the block syncing? I have started going to the wiki's and then trying to get the clients through official channels, but I still wonder, for example dogwallet was in the wiki giving the assumption it was a community supported etc and now it looks to have the potential of being a scam from the very start. I didn't have much but I really overpaid like a moron on ebay, so I'm just DOUBLE annoyed.

On a bright note, I think this actually is giving Dogecoin quite the traction.

Would love to dedicated this MASTERPIECE to THE LOVELY hackers :)
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