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Many Questions(wow)
« on: December 18, 2013, 03:47:50 AM »
Okey guys,I have some questions here that need to be clarify...
Heres the thing, I have never "mine" these virtual coin thingy..Dogecoin is will  be my first attempt. So I dont know know to mine from it

So theses are my questions:

  • What does khash/s means? Currently im using a lenovo y500 laptop (i7 and a GT650M)

    Smaller = better or higher = better?
  • Now Im using a waller from this website.
    And im very confuse of the functions ( pls send, much receive etc).What do they do? Can anyone explain their functions ?.
  • Currently, ive been out of sync..I've tried editting the conf 3 times and it wont resolve.Help maybe?
  • What are " MINING POOL  " ? Whats the difference between a solo mine?
    I followed a tutorial and use
  • How do I check my progress(the amount i've managed to mine) from
  • Is there a website where i can keep track of the coins value, and other ecnomic stuff?
  • Can i mine on more than one computer? Im thinking of mining with my desktop while Im in my university and with my laptop when im home, so will the doge be transfer into one account?
Thank you for your time reading and trying to answer these (funny) questions.
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Re: Many Questions(wow)
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2013, 06:38:06 AM »
1/ khashes/s = kilo hashes per second (raw speed performance). The more you have, the more you mine.
On a laptop with nvidia I get something like 50-70kh/s, while on a goog gaming gpu on a regular computer I got 600.
2/pls send = to send some coins
much receive = what you received
Many history = log of your transaction
Very adress = your adress (use it when needed).

3/ can be long. Do you have a progress bar? If not, something is wrong (firewall or network configuration...)

4/ Mining pool = you mine along with other miners. It's more efficient to find blocks as the charge is dispatched along all the miners.
I think solo mining is good if you have a very good mining machine (less efficient but no "risks")

5/ You should have a summuary somewhere.


7/yes. You can make lots of "workers" on every pool.
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