Author Topic: I was thinking I'd set up 2 different cards to mine with, and I need some advice  (Read 827 times)

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So I recently decided to take on mining some doge, and since I got one 6950 2GB installed on my computer and one 7850 laying around inactive I thought I could maybe install my 7850 and use it as my primary GPU (for general use, not mining) and let the 6950 constantly mine for me (if my 750W PSU is big enough) and then mine with my 7850 card beside my 6950 card when I'm not using my computer.

So, first thing first, is this doable in some way?
And does anyone have a stable config I can run on my 6950 so I can just let it mine all by itself when I'm not there?

I am also going abroad for a month in a few weeks, so I thought I'd let my cards mine for the whole month while I'm gone and just remote control it to check it now and then, pherhaps send one of my mates up and check on it if it turns out to be necessary.

Sorry If I seem a little lazy for posting a thread here for all my questions, I just need some advice that'll put me in the right direction.
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