Author Topic: deseperate pup in need of a home  (Read 574 times)

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deseperate pup in need of a home
« on: February 03, 2014, 08:20:31 PM »
just signed up yesterday i love this community for its love and sense of humor reason how i stumbled upon dogecoin is the fact i was chasing bit coins originally but things didn't go right i sent all my money to china shenzhen in order to buy asic usb miners. The reason why I took a gamble on was the fact my mother is out of work and my grandmother which is very ill lost her job as a private nurse I'm the only one in my house currently working. I work at grocery store making 9.25 hr part time bagboy and attend college full time as of december 23,2013 the guy who scammed me has not returned my emails and has disappeared as it seems i sacrifice all my money on this for the greater good of my family I  hope you can really see that i Just want to change things. Now the panic of losing my house is at hand but my grandmother  stays strong and says that god will make a way i believe i have  to make a difference and put thing sin my own hand i stumbled across this alt/coin because the faucets were not dried up and i saw a community that is still young and ground breaking still in its your loving caring phase unlinks BTC/LTC which are not dominated and close out Now I'm not asking for you to help me save my house i would be a fool to ask for that and its really not your problem for me to place that burden all I'm asking for is a second chance to invest and make something of it all I'm asking for is raise $806 USD to obtain a second chance to make a better decisions i promise not to waste the money but reinvest in the dogecoin and help it grow i know this sounds cliché but this is really happening all across america due to a corrupted centralized bank which controls nearly every aspect of our lives for their profit and gain all masking for is to raise enough to do something right for my family this may not work but i do appreciate those who already have donated dogescoin that's what gave me the courage to put my personal life on the web hoping that this could help me I'm really desperate but hopeful anything can help even half a coin thanks your best pal and loyal friend Porkchop

ALSO anybody good at hacking let me know ill give you the guys info in china you can do what ever you want with him even keep the money he stole from me and probably others
not a scammer or spammer


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