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Currency graphs confusion
« on: December 21, 2013, 11:27:46 AM »
I am confused at which graph I should be looking at and at what price the actual doge coin is here is why.

If I was to visit this converter I think it was posted a while ago

If I was to type 20k doge it would come up with a total of $28 but when I use say  cryptsy It would come out as 0.01523040 bitcoin which inturn = $9.4 (using currency converter)

Then If I look at the graph for dogecoin it is $ 0.00049 per 1 doge. It would = roughly the same so is that the actual price of how much dodge is worth? then there is the fact that ebay has some crazy prices for doge.

I dont know maybe I have missed something or am in over my head lol bottom line how much is it worth at this moment in time?

help please
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