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[Advice] Newbie Info For Newbies By a Newbie
« on: December 21, 2013, 11:16:19 PM »
Hello all!

I have been digging for information and trying to teach myself everything possible about DogEcoins for the last 3 days.  In those 3 days I have learned a good deal about it and I have also learned enough to maybe help out the new folx get in on some of this action.

Since I've come to accept that I don't have the best video card for the task of mining my own, nor the dedicated system to mine in a pool of people, I realise that I'm either going to make my way by begging or by buying coins outright.  I've also found that begging isn't really going to get me where I would like to be on this coin.  Right now, the extreem few coins I've gotten from faucets are nothing compared to what you need to have any worth of value for these coins, YET i have hope.  You're lucky to get 0.05 - 3 coins this way, per site, IF the site has any to spare. 

Begging... well, let's just say that I have yet to get one single coin from begging.

So... Buying it is...

What I've learned with buying is this... There are A LOT of people out there that are looking to sell you a penny for a dollar, and they actually do quite well doing it this way.  They will charge you more (and claim that it's because of the things they have to do and costs of selling.. which is bullshit) and buy for less from their own sources just to make more money off of you.  To me, this is a downfall for Dogecoin!  Educate yourself with the current prices...

The homepage for this forum is a great place to start!  it shows the current worth of Dogecoin and it updates constantly.

Here, you can compare it to other similar currency and get an idea of where it is, where it's been and where it might be going.

The above links are to educate you on how much Dogecoins are worth so you dont get scammed in to buying them at higher prices than is needed.  Ebay will also give you an idea of this same tactic.  Though, it "seems" cheeper to buy here on the forums at times and sometimes on ebay.  If you are looking for a nice little chunk of coins, then you very well may need to buy them.  Compare the prices with the links provided and act accordingly.  Don't fear... there are sellers here that do follow close to market value.  MANY wont, but patience will find those that do.  Post the amount you want to buy, and wait a little while.  Someone will give you a decent price, though it might take a day or two.  Be patient, as it pays off.  I have bought over 100K so far with prices much lower than the greedy scamming bastards that plague us on every forum.

Speaking of scamming.  If you really want to make sure you've done everything to avoid getting scammed, here are a few things that might help.

- get their Facebook addy and check out how many friends they have.
- get their phone number (a real seller wont have much of a problem with this if they're legit and have nothing to hide)
- make sure their ebay and paypal are not new and are verified
- make sure their accounts here or other forums are not new
- do a search of their names.  Remember that scammers can make multiple accounts and set themselves up as good sellers.  Don't fall for it.  Research research research!  if they scammed someone, someone will bring up their name in a post about it.  Dont deal with anyone who's selling you coin and is new to the forums.  Check out their posts and feedback also.

I hope this helps everyone.  Until someone sets up some sort of central hub to buy and sell coins, we have to deal with this kind of robbery.  Greed will only tear this coin apart and make it go nowhere.

Thanks for reading!

By the way - this is the best site I have found to give coin every hour.  It's not much but every lil bit counts.  Enjoy!
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For anyone who would like to donate or contribute to my greed :)



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