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Web Design for Doge.
« on: January 03, 2014, 12:03:50 AM »
Hey Dogecoin community I am a freelance web dev trying to get into the world of doge.

150k Doge I'll design a very decent site that utilizes HTML5 CSS3 etc...

350K A very good site that would cost upwards of 400+ and will utilize HTML5, CSS3 etc..

600k A phenomenal site that would make any shibe jealous. The site would be HTML, CSS3 or Wordpress if needs be. I will also make sure that the site is responsive on mobile phones and tablets.

1 MILLION DOGES:Basically anything that you want me to do. I mean ANYTHING!!!!

So Shibes PM me or comment below and I'll give you my email so we can talk further.

I just finished this site for (350K)  and I'm currently working on a site that will show newcomers how to get involved in doge and what it's all about

please donate : DDuaxoknMYcCrxgovdxtLeLS7g7EPjAvRQ
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