Author Topic: PonziDoge's wonderful ponzi scheme  (Read 945 times)

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PonziDoge's wonderful ponzi scheme
« on: December 19, 2013, 05:54:33 PM »

Want to double your Dogecoins?

It’s simple : you send some Dogecoins to the specified address, then after a short delay Ponzidoge will send you back twice the amount.

Wow. Much coins. Such doge. So simple. Wow.

Ponzidoge address : D6XGcYbCeVi8uy7MsoaeF5x3z9a5WndKRV

Remember : the more you send the more you win.

The way this works is simple : as soon as there is enough money in the wallet, Ponzidoge will send you twice the amount of dogecoins you sent. The first come will be the first served.

Worried that somehow this might be a scam? Don’t worry! Ponzidoge is an honest pyramid schemer, if you want to verify his honesty : check the blockchain explorer :

Follow Ponzidoge on twitter to keep updated on your transactions :

If you think your transaction hasn’t been processed, give Ponzidoge a shoutout!

P.S.  Transactions below 100 Dogecoins won’t be considered valid


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