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Hey shibes,
Recently a few people and I have heard and seen going downhill. Corrupt admins, scams everywhere, and just an irritating place all around. We had a vision of making a forum where people can trade in peace and not afraid of being scammed. So we got started on buying a domain and hosting to further our goal.
Our main goal throughout the whole process is making selling, buying, and trading hassle and worry free. This was a hard process, with many ideas flowing about, but with money not flowing as freely as the ideas, we had to settle with this. A simple, yet effective system.
We thought that we could do admin trades and be done with it. Then we realized how scam-ish that sounds. So instead, we want to gather some of the Mod-approved, Trusted, and Experienced users of /r/dogemarket. We would like to offer them a position as an Official MD Escrow. They can charge whatever they would like, 1%, 2%, whatever. We just want our users to have peace of mind while trading. In addition to having a place to make money, all MD Escrows will receive a rank on the forums with our 'Elite' permissions while having an MD Escrow tag/rank.
Please just consider MD as a possible B, S, and T ground for your future deals. If you are interested, please PM me here or on MD.
(Saoso, or Habu)
P.S. We are also looking for Moderators for the site. If you are interested in that position (non-paid, obviously), PM me here or on MD, once again.
even if you have no interest in being a mod/escrow please, please, please check out the site, sign up, and leave us some feedback as we are still in startup.
thanks again


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