Author Topic: I want to continue my dream! (Working faucet list included, up to 550k DOGE!)  (Read 1673 times)

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Hello fellow Shibes,


I own this Minecraft server called LegendCraft that used to be quite big back in 2012, but real life issues caused me to put it down and I've really regretted my decision. I lost a community and a wonderful thing that put meaning to my everyday life. I'm trying to bring it back up using my own funds, but I am not a richshibe and it would take me a while to actually get the basic building blocks of my server back up.

My website:

Server IP:

If you would like to help me out I would really appreciate you doing any of the following! :)

Join my server

Donate to help me get my server going at DMCy8WYxEDUwLC3y34iWuu8VEVWVtPm8Yt

Faucet List and more ways to support me

Use this great faucet that can net you up to ~550k Dogecoins every hour, this is my referral link. I will post the normal link under if you choose to be a meanshibe :( However you can gain bonuses of being someone's referral!   <--- THIS ONE HELPS ME!! :)

Use this free chat to talk with other Shibes and earn free doge for doing so! *NOTE: YOU ONLY EARN DOGE IN THE MAIN CHAT!

CyanRainbow Doge Faucet, I personally do not use this as much but it can net you some decent DOGE if you're a new Shibe!   <--- THIS ONE HELPS ME!! :)

That's all I have for now, thank you so much for reading my post!

Tell me if I should add anymore faucets to this list or if one does not work!

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