Author Topic: Earn Dogecoins without hard work...  (Read 1434 times)

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Earn Dogecoins without hard work...
« on: November 23, 2014, 12:45:02 PM »
 :)Hi all, i find something very interesting and very usefull to share with you guys,its kind of strategy with some exploit...So lets start,theres a relatively new site to earn/grind some free dogecoins without hard work by only following simple step by step guide,and by making small bets,it is completely free and u dont need to invest anything at to start with all as you u get some dogecoins every 5 min to bet with so ,it is a holy well as u can generate btc again if u loose bets actually,for this i developed extremly efficient strategy to earn huge amount with very low to none risk,the house edge is only 0.1 %,which is amazing,as it is the lowest house edge in btc betting industry compared to other sites on the internet,payout is 100% and its very fast.So,the strategy goes like this(u need to follow it step by step if u want to earn);First of all get some free dogecoins after u claim it, you can wait 5 min again to get more of them,every 5 min u get some so depends how long u can wait to play with,i wait about 5x4 so 20 minutes to have nice bankroll to play with,so after you get some free coins,set your bets to 85% of winning chance and set bets to maximum betting,after every win you make you press maximum bet button again,u need to win 8 times in a row so u need to press maximum bet 8 times in row acordingly to accumulate some doge for the strategy to work(remember u are playing with house btcs,if u loose all u wait and accumulate free chips),so after 8 wins in row,you need to set winning chance to 95% this time and set betting to 10% then immediately after you press half button to set bet half of that 10% so u bet 5% of bankroll, then u start betting till your bet loose(this is very important part),immediately after u loose your first bet,your betting chance stays on 95% u dont lower it,but you set betting to maximum this time,you only need 1 win after you loose to get all looses back and to be in positive,it is extremely rare and i didnt saw it once yet to loose 2 times row with winning probability of 95%,after that win you just cycle the system starting from 95% winning rate,try it you will be amazed how much coins/money you can generate this way and how consistent it is,i also have more conservative system to play,but this one will suit you well for is the link;  and happy grinding  ;)

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Re: Earn Dogecoins without hard work...
« Reply #1 on: November 23, 2014, 07:16:09 PM »
How many people have tried this?
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