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Dogecoin Advertisement
« on: April 05, 2014, 04:30:38 PM »
Hi my fellow shibies'.  I am looking to begin a Dogecoin Advertisement Campaign.  I have started this Facebook page to share Market information and whats going on with it.  My goal is to spread the use of Dogecoin and increase the size of the community.
Step 1 is to grow this Facebook group.
I hope to do this by getting folks to join by word of mouth.  Once I either have enough Doges or some spare cash I want to begin advertising this group on Facebook.  I plan on using this group as a place to share information about the role of Doges in the world.
Step 2.  I would also like to advertise on youtube.  I think that it would be an extremely low cost high return marketing campaign.  I think this would be useful to reach groups that are not Tech heads, but rather the more mainstream populace.
Step 3.  Internet Banners, and Real world advertisements.  This would be your items like Bill boards. This will spread word of mouth about the coin at family dinner tables.  I know this last step is a long shot, but its important to have long range goals.  Billboards and advertisements would be placed in areas like this: .  Areas that are considered "IT Corridors" where households have some inherent computer proficiency. (A retirement community would be a horrible example where to advertise.).  Remember this is a community coin, and if we act as a community we WILL achieve the moon.

Please join the Facebook Group:

If you wish to donate to the fund, please use this wallet donation:
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Re: Dogecoin Advertisement
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2014, 12:21:41 AM »
i can bring you facebook likes in exchange for dogecoins. if interested PM :)


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