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We would like to introduce, where you can create your own Pool and become a pool operator with no hassle.

It is not a cloud mining service, it is a service that offers to operators all the tools they need to create and run a real pool.

Forget about configuring servers and databases, synchronizing block chains, etc. We take care of all the infrastructure and you will have access to a simple-to-use interface where you can configure and set the parameters you want for your pool. And your miners will have access to their control panels as well as to a stratum server to mine.

And you know what? You can configure the fees your want to receive as operator!

Currently, dogecoin, litecoin, bitcoin and namecoin are supported, also with merged mining. More coins will come in the future as user request it.

Relevant features:
  • Select the coins you want to mine in your pool.
  • Configurable fees for the operator.
  • Configurable PPLNS reward system.
  • Configurable VarDiff.
  • Operator control panel to monitor pool behavior in real time.
  • Miner control panel to manage their accounts, with real time stats.
  • Stratum protocol.
  • Merged mining.
  • Automated process for miners account creation, password recovery, account cancellation, etc.
  • Public pool web page with statistics, login and sign up options for miners. You can use it or build your own and embed our statistics in it.

The poolarchy has come, become a pool operator!

We really hope you enjoy it.

The Poolarchy Team


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