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Zhan Jun: Manchester United incorrect use
« on: January 11, 2015, 11:04:04 PM »

Zhan Jun: Manchester United incorrect use of di Maria exposing one of the biggest problems.Its 21st-round game in the Premier  victoria secret bikinis nz  League clash at Old Trafford by edging, Manchester United lost to Southampton 0:1. Following is a famous commentator Zhan Jun on this wonderful quotation at the game site reviewed. Less than 3 minutes, Southampton at right back Klein on the right breakthrough manufacturing pitfalls, his glances to see if the distal end of the goal post, Zhan Jun pointed out: "the game is just beginning, Manchester United player apparently was not in the best condition, but it is told United's players, playing is always tricky especially to deal with it. "The race deadlocked, television cameras to present both sides of the head coach. Zhan Jun said: "before van Gaal and Ronald-Koeman had had an unpleasant experience, this time mentoring dialogues do not know what will wipe out sparks.

"Zhan Jun thought Manchester United's greatest progress in home games this season so sure:" Manchester United by 3 points over points in the same period last season, the most important is the home improvement last season Moyes led by Manchester United at Old Trafford lost 7 times, which is unprecedented in the history of the League. "Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw from the beginning of the game went forward and Zhan Jun thinks this is a double-edged sword:" Luke Shaw's location in front, forcing di Maria came to the Middle, which move down the corridor to the United left-wing, but di Mary its most threatening position was on the wing. "The 36thMinute, Manchester United's right wing free kick opportunities, preparation before di Maria to ball penalty, Zhan Jun expectantly, said: "this position if left foot kick, again a little internal rotation is going to be a threat. "But di penalty kick high enough, was easily parried by opponents penalty area, Zhan Jun quipped:" white praises for a long time, the ball was a little disappointing. "Half game ended Qian, this season Qian ten a home are has scored of United always no manufacturing too good of opportunities, Zhan Jun pointed out that has United attack end exists of problems:" di Maria most has threat of location is sidewalks, but first half he more to is in road activities, and United attack Shi ball also no more to after Mata of feet, this is midfielder rest Shi van Gaal needs solution of problem. "Seeing the team unable to break the deadlock, Old Trafford fans set off bursts of noise, Zhan Jun praise:" the fans were cheering for Manchester United, they know the game is bad, need home fans as the 12th man on the field. "The first 60 minutes, di Maria on the right angle of 45 degrees, forward Wayne Rooney volley but not touched the ball, but Zhan Jun thinks this is a good place to start:" advantages of di Maria on the wing and not in the Middle, this time on the right activities immediately produce a threat. ”Tadic pounced after the visits excited, ran to the scene took off his jacket and shorts, and took a look at homeopathy. Zhan Jun immediately exclaimed, "do not take off again. Taking into account the impact did not in the end take off your shorts. "When Tadic clenched his fists, reaching out to the fans to show their muscle, Zhan Jun quipped:" it was to do homage to Mario Balotelli? Ba Shen in the League haven't scored yet. Before Tadic was the replacement of delay in play because he can't find his Jersey. Of course, this booking is indispensable, because passion took off shirt to celebrate. "Louis van Gaal last minute replaced marouane Fellaini made a last-ditch, Zhan Jun said:" that is the final stage, Manchester United is to use air to shock the opponent's defense. Last time Southampton Manchester United win dates back to 1988.

 Southampton is the case of Premier League this season, scored in the first to rob the most efficient team in the 11 advanced the ball game, they won 10 games and drew only 1 games for United, is now acute and difficult task. ”Eventually, Manchester United lost van Gaal the mentoring battle to Ronald-Koeman, Zhan Jun said the team's defensive lapses have caused the other team from scoring, but it lost the key of this game from the offensive against him: "last home game at Southampton, Manchester United weakness took three minutes, full Court ball far ahead this time, but could not gain points. Chris Smalling to concede for the team responsible for Tadic he didn't time leg break, but when I stand in place resulting in fumbles, but larger problems at the other end, van Gaal's use of offensive players still has problems, how to let Rooney, di Maria on the offensive end to play the greatest role, is the key to United's second half of the season. ”


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