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Zhan Jun Li Yuankui: Manchester United
« on: January 04, 2015, 07:58:10 PM »

Zhan Jun Li Yuankui: Manchester United one leg walking difficulties caused by the same technique worked.United continued their hectic new year ushered in competition--within 10 days of the fourth game Monday in the League revellers. After a 90-minute battle, the Red Devils opponents away victoria secret bikinis nz   2-0 was beheaded in the horse, SINA sports guests Zhan Jun, Li Yuankui staged a wonderful explanation for everybody. When talking about currently in League one's bottom about when Mr team, Zhan Jun: "revellers was established in the late 19th century, took 108 years until 2003, when washed up professional leagues. Manchester United twice in their history, in 1938 and 1949 respectively, Manchester United have not lost the ball twice, won by 3-0 and 8-0. In 1949 they had eliminated Sunderland in the fourth round, get the chance to meet Manchester United, then the 0-8 defeat in front of more than 80,000 fans.

"Van Gaal said before the game will be to challenge the champions, Zhan Jun said:" van Gaal may find Cup Championship is the quickest way to succeed, will have to play 18 games in the Premier League, just 6 matches in the FA Cup would be nice. Manchester United also attaches great importance to the FA Cup, sent Scouts to watch the last three revellers in the game, do your homework. "The first 30 minutes of the first half, Falcao and even two people, Rooney pulled off the right wing, but Raphael's final pass to the baffling, Zhan Jun teases:" van Gaal said after step on the field before the game, the spirit of the game very well, very well satisfied him most is that the turf, so Raphael the error there is no reason, Manchester United can't blame the turf. "Li Yuankui also affirmed:" grass looked relatively flat, grass is thin, it was England's third-level venue, is quite good. "10Minutes later, the Central duo teenager facing Blackett and McNair adversary altitude bombing rattled, Li Yuankui sighed and said: "they remind me of gunuzhayi, confidence is so strong, no matter what are your Wayne Rooney, and the how to play how to play. "Half of the game ended in 0-0, Manchester United taking the lead does not do so, Zhan Jun says:" United behind three centre-backs under a lot of pressure today, but did not take advantage of the silence 4 players in midfield. Few away before Manchester United still have a decent match, but today you don't see, and likely relationship between Herrera and Fletcher's play, Carrick is no less. See if put on gunuzhayi the breakthrough in the second half the stronger players. "Li Yuankui gives their own opinion:" Manchester United would have been attacked on both sides, but now one leg to walk, thanks to Raphael, the Defense won't pull out. Rooney, Herrera main road or sidewalk when two people who do not understand the main, although are threat passes, but it is far from enough, also a lack of coordination between Wilson and Falcao. Not too much of a problem on defense, if not disarray, each other in the second half if you don't adjust, revellers in no less of a threat. "After 64 minutes, Herrera was finally United to break the deadlock, a foot-Frisby's shot, Zhan Jun exclaimed:" God foot!! Herrera!! Turn and do not see where the ball and hit the net! This was United's second hit within the frames in the shot, without a ball, like eyes [click to see score videos]. His coordination

 sense of place, a sense of direction was perfect. It was Herrera's third goal of the season, he's worth nearly 3000Thousands of pounds! "Li Yuankui exclaimed:" it's hard, played very suddenly very effective, Defender, goalkeeper are not prepared. The list! "The games are coming to an end, di Maria scored a goal for Manchester United and Argentina one jet broke on the counter-attack [click to see score videos]. Zhan Jun praised: "di Maria to help Manchester United unbeaten! Bench scored United's 4th goal. Header from top down, Manchester United got the second placement, Rooney's long-distance assists. Dimaliyaduo made a few adjustments, see the goalkeeper fell to the ground, light pick, helped the team qualify for the fourth round. Sir Alex Ferguson in the stands that can be relieved. 2-0 smooth Red Devils eventually take down an opponent, through to the FA Cup fourth round. Zhan Jun said: "Louis van Gaal led the team finals, received a total of 16 Championships in his career to see whether this year's FA Cup Manchester United to mount a title challenge, after all, in addition to these players, Fletcher has never won the FA Cup. Di Maria bench clinching fairy ball Herrera opened the scoring. Louis van Gaal made adjustments during breaks, play back four, removed two starting wing guard, replaced Mata have also noted that the results, stable for many in midfield, with technical advantage to di Maria playing Manchester United finally ruled the Court. ”


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