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Zhan Huang three 22+10+8 triple-double
« on: February 09, 2015, 12:53:37 AM »

Zhan Huang three 22+10+8 triple-double in sight is not brushed,Cleveland Cavaliers 120-105 at home to beat the Los Angeles Lakers and return to winning ways. Overall strength significantly weaker than their opponents, beat LeBron James take a stroll,  nike flyknit air max      swept in 30 minutes with 22 points and 10 rebounds and 8 assists in three pairs of data, if it weren't for winning too easily led the entire fourth quarter without playing another three pairs already in the Pocket. Cavaliers earlier that 12-game winning streak, is playing away from home in the Los Angeles Lakers began using the. In that game, James and his idol Kobe Bryant staged an open battle, scoring 36 points in the final 23 for 12, and the team won the match victory. Soon after several days, Knight has by virtue of this wave of WINS out of the mire, but Bryant missed because of a shoulder injury both played twice this season. Without an Awn on the tip of the hypothetical enemy

 James desire also has waned, focused heavily on helping the team to win it. Today's game, James invest energy in personal attacks on the far more than one shot and the Los Angeles Lakers, today he has only 16 shots, of which only 6 goals from airside, which also included two grabbed offensive rebounds after the second shot. In fact, LeBron James scored 22 points with 14 points set in the third quarter, air max thea     second half remedy, perimeter feels captures his long-range jumper with 1.5 points in time four times run 10 minutes, 18-7 lead to a wave of offensives, the moment will lead to more than 26 per cent, and the outcome of the game is also missing from the moment of suspense.In most of the rest of the time, James is more small things in, like rebounding, like the ball for his team. Today, only the first half, James caught 8 rebounds while he's consciously looking for recent slump much-needed cheer to Kevin Luff eventually scored a season-high 32 points helped each other

and that perhaps is more important than a win. Today's game after playing three, James has had 22 points and 10 rebounds and 8 assists. Knight of the Lakers ' 17-point lead, he could have a little more on the floor, to the Lakers ' sloppy defensive, every minute he could brush double-digit assists, completed the triple-double performances for the first time this season. But James did not do, because he knows that in today's State, the other side reversed exists only theoretically possible, and have a good rest in order to conserve energy for the next game, and avoid the risk of injury is far more meaningful than a beautiful personal data. Eventually, James "wasted" in the eyes of others may be upon the opportunity, but in the fourth quarter he sidelines and happy smile, not that he would have had no regrets.


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