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Zhan Huang Sun physical therapy may start
« on: January 03, 2015, 01:13:24 AM »

Zhan Huang Sun physical therapy may start training when the Lakers come back. According to the honest people of Cleveland newspaper reported, due to knee and backvictoria secret outlet   injuries do not heal, Cavaliers Star LeBron James is expected to be headed out in two weeks ' time. Today, when the Cavaliers players were away when the preparation for the match with wasps, James IG account Sun, a physical map. "Very much dislike working and playing together (really bad!! ), But at this point, I need to listen to my body's reaction, my trainers, my team and my doctor's advice. Eventually, I will recover and become myself again. Recovering the next day. # Can't play basketball as well as working and playing together is not annoying # fun # rehabilitation period for great work, "James wrote that physical therapy next. Due to knee and back injuries were not cured, James has not played with the team game with the Charlotte Hornets. In addition, he is expected to be sidelined for two weeks in a row. From James on the IG's words to see

 he said today is recovering from the day, which means that he was in the United States for physiotherapy began officially on January 1, 2015, there are likely to be at the Cavs ' training centre at. According to reports, James ' knee is initially injured raptors game on December 10 last year, and after he missed that game with the Thunder last year on Christmas day, the Cavaliers Monday in Miami [Twitter], James in a flying ball again injured his knee in the process, and as a result missed the three games later. If James as the Cavs said in a statement it would be out for two weeks, he is expected to be January 16Japanese riders Monday in Los Angeles [Twitter] back in the game. Wade: don't mind out less money to do better for the team. According to the AP report, the Miami Heat [Twitter] Dwyane Wade said in an interview he was out last summer after losing some money, but he didn't care. Last year as the defending champion Miami Heat defeat the San Antonio Spurs of the NBA Finals, Wade in the off-season friend LeBron James had chosen to return to Cleveland. Wade left core team jumped out to a 2-year contract worth $ 41 million, and the team signed a 2 year, $ 31 million contract.

 "I'll be fine," Wade said in an interview, "it makes me a lot less money, but not this decision (James left) caused by, this is my decision, I find out better for the team, I do not mind this. "Chris Bosh [Twitter] is also based on 5-year, $ 118 million maximum salary contract last summer heat, they only record is 14 WINS and 19 losses this season, ranked eight in the East, where in December lost 12 games. Wade's performance is impeccable, he still can get 23 per game.2 points, ranked 6th in the League, shooting as high as 51%. "He had this kind of experience, through their own sound effects team," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said of Wade, "since he arrived here, is the most great leaders. "Wade says will try to follow this season's outstanding status:" in my career, I've been feeling comfortable about the role, I might as well just call it his career. And some things have changed, I can still do the things you want to do, and so does my family, I had a second marriage, lets see if I can do the right thing, to do better. ”


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