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Zhan Huang recovered well after a week
« on: January 08, 2015, 12:32:39 AM »

Zhan Huang recovered well after a week, returned: If today hit the playoffs. LeBron James have truce for a whole week because of injury, he said today in an interview, victoria secret outlet   his recovery goes well, is expected to come back in a week. "My knee and lower back feels better, has been completed in the first week, they said that I need to rest for a week," James said. A week earlier, James because of sore knees and lower back spasms forced to Truce, the team estimated he will be out for two weeks, James accepted medical review today, making sure everything is progressing well. "If it's the playoffs, I played tonight," James said, he also revealed his rehabilitation will take 3 to 4 times a day, "everything goes well, will feel a little better every day. "Rider facing West in the coming five-passenger, James said he would travel with the team because" I had a chance in the middle of the road back.

" According to the plan, he is expected to debut in the game against the Los Angeles Lakers on the road. James also talked about Knight before the game, and the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Knicks ' three-party transaction, duhem-Vettese's departure, he said: "for him, some things just don't get along, and I'm glad he went out West, and wish him all the luck. "For new JR-and Iman-Sam Smith PT, James was warmly welcomed, and that the latter would play much like the bull's Jamie Butler. Vettese: want to wear the 13th the Thunder does not harden they wouldn't let me do.Oklahoma City and Cleveland, the Knicks three-way transaction, duhem-Vettese joined Oklahoma City, he represents the new owners face the media for the first time today, explains that his chosen 23rd shirt cause. "They (Thunder) no number (on my list),"

 Vettese says, "I want to wear the 3rd, wants to wear the 1th, none of them. "On the 3rd is Vettese rider number and Thunder, 3rd in Perry-Jones who, as Thunder, 1th, the team formerly known as supersonic has Gus Williams-retired number 1th. "Then I want to wear 13th because I think 1th (1+3), but they said they didn't want me to wear, 13th," said Vettese, 13th, is predicting that in the team's number, "they didn't want me to wear, 13th, probably wants me to take out my own style, I'll have 23 tough. "Vettese also stressed that the chosen 23rd is not on as much as some people have speculated that former team-mate James. "I don't want to wear the 23rd, because my favorite number is 3, and they just gave me the 23rd," said Vettese.


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