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Zhan Huang put Owen training jerseys League:
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Zhan Huang put Owen training jerseys League: defensive tricks have been found. Knights prepare for the Clippers training class, LeBron James did something that left reporters wonder thing, he had a teammate Kelly-Owen's shirt on. "It's ' give teams a day nike free 3.0     (pick-your-team-up day) '," James said after the training, does not mind if Owen looked pretty funny shirts that trumpet he carried in his body, "Mike Miller wearing my. If this is gambling, can put on the 2nd, it also proves that losing is not miserable. "It turned out that James is trying to swap jerseys team building, team-mates better understand, better unite together. Rider is sitting on the longest NBA's 11-game winning streak and rankings is just over East of bulls rose to four, they need a victory to continue, and now rivals the Clippers are enemies in the West. Both team half a month before the first confrontation, James groaned down 32 points at Staples Center came back for the third time to get two in a row

 was also the beginning of the current winning streak. Knight was able to reverse the downturn, but a primary reason is that defensive over the last 9 games, opponents averaged only 91.2 points and shooting only 40%, no opponent hits a game over 44%. "The key is that we listened to coaches defensive philosophy going in," James said. In fact, Knight's two signings are also crucial, especially Mozgov's arrival, the team got to the basket the basket protector, he used to race each have at least one CAP. "Once and once, once and once, nike free 4.0    even is feels bad of when, we also must in defensive Shang continues to do also of things, until situation improved," James said, "we of mentality must is each defensive are have focused, regardless of made has what wrong, each also is have do, this let we in defensive Shang more of stable, because we are knows teammate has been will efforts. "James also stressed the importance of sacrifice, he lead by showing that even if the team needs and willing to bench. Everyone knew he couldn't bench, but he wants his team-mates have the spirit of sacrifice. "We are to master defensive tricks," James said, "we have come to understand that, in the final analysis, no one ultimately could have their own Championship, must rely on winning team! "Maybe this is the real reason Owen James wear jerseys and training. KB: my era hasn't ended hope to reborn like the Spurs,According to lakersnation reported, Kobe Bryant because of shoulder injuries this season have been reimbursed, but he did not consider his own time has passed, in an interview, Pan said, he wishes he could just like San Antonio, back to life. In the posterior segment of his career, Bryant suffered a significant injury for the third time in a row, torn Achilles tendon, knee fracture and tearing his right shoulder to shoulder Chau last three seasons failed to successfully complete. Neither injuries nor the age factor

 it seems that he has come to the last years of his career, however, in the interview, Bryant said, he still has the motivation, and that he did not think that their time has passed, he uses spurs for example in recent years and wished you could like them reborn. "I don't think my time is over," Bryant said, "a few years ago, I think the Spurs more, but they still won. I think their era was over but they are still there now, and I don't think my age is over, I want to like them ... "To GDP three bit veteran for core of spurs in experience has many setbacks zhihou also can in Shang season won, and this season they still in nemesis stands of Western has must competitiveness, this point does enough to let all admire, and they can made success of key, is coach Greg-Popovich for Tim-Duncan of reasonable using, boshuai in Duncan State fell Shi timely made has transformation, also let Spurs achieved has revival, this is Bryant discourse in the" reborn "of meaning.Pan shoulder injury early this season with him too much playing time are not unrelated, this he experiences them himself, probably as a result of his feelings to give a new hope. Maybe when he returned next season will really like the Spurs like Tim Duncan, another way, another play, and let myself be born again in this way.


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