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Zhan Huang: injuries due to overuse
« on: December 15, 2014, 01:21:02 AM »
Zhan Huang: injuries due to overuse of hope had not hurt the body. LeBron James and Kevin Durant play regular-season games only twice a year, because of a knee injury, James missed the first meeting in Cleveland after today's training session, he talked about the injuries on this topic. "My body any injury is excessive use (overuse) cause," James said, "I've been in the League 12 years, and now is injured is the basic body into overdrive. "James body excessive use, and reflects data is playing time, he's up to 38 minutes nike free 4.0 v2 mens running shoes     of play per game this season, is high in nearly five seasons. Coach David Blatter wanted to reduce his playing time, but Knight running in unfavorable circumstances, he had no lunarglide 4 mens     Let James out of the knee and is broken down from constant overwork, despite wearing protective gear game, but could not avoid pain. James is lucky, 12 season NBA career, had little injury

 he would want to continue. "I am glad I haven't had major injury and hopefully I can stay away from major injuries," James said, "I used to have facial fractures, the nose had been broken, wrist injury, it was my injury several times a more impressive, began several seasons there are many injuries in my career, but I was lucky enough, injuries have recovered quickly. Zhan Huang: I can still fly at the cheap womens nike free run 2   top of the rim and sometimes you get a little wiser.Although Knights defeat by Pelicans and suffered two defeats on the road, but the performances by 41 points a game and four regular season MVP LeBron James wants to send a message: for years, his game has been in progress, rather than deterioration. Recently, ESPN says that James athleticism significantly declined, and he has been unable to indiscriminately on the pitch now dunk. Article cites the fact that riders in the first 20 games of the season, James has completed in the half court  buy nike free tr fit 2   offense in only 6 Dunks. But in yesterday's game against Pelican, James 11-8 in the first quarter, scoring 21 points, including two impressive Dunks. "You say is very interesting, because one of my family members also give similar information I have ever seen. "James said in an interview," you can think of it as a good thing, but also can be viewed as a bad thing. I have already spread the other aspects of the game, now I can still play. As for my athletic ability

I obviously won't be the child of 18 years old. But I can still do the things I need to do on the pitch, and succeed. "Despite James's figures for this season is a fact of the past, but his opponents did not think the four regular-season games there have been any decline. "I don't know what those people are saying. "Was asked whether James on the Court this season when slow, pelicans, coach Williams said," I don't know what's happened to him. But he's still the best player on the pitch. So, I don't know that the theory comes from. discount nike huarache free      ”It is worth mentioning that, in this year's media day, when asked about the offseason weight loss is to make ourselves more athletic ability, James had said: "I am 29 years old, and I can still fly at the top of the rim. I do not need to lose weight to finish it. My career has not to this point. "In New Orleans, looking up at the end of my career, and another two weeks would be 30 years of age, James is also quite mixed feelings. "I'm full of love for the game. When I play when I can, I will make every effort to play. "He said," when my career is over and it can no longer continue to play when I want to recapture those games. But sometimes, I had to get smart. A couple of days, I'll just 30 years old, so let us wait and see! ”


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