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You lost me embarrassed to win! Real
« on: January 05, 2015, 01:59:23 AM »

You lost me embarrassed to win! Real Madrid and Barcelona really is true love. In this round of Real Madrid's match against Valencia, a billboard sign fire, in Chinese on the front: zara sweater uk      "the Real Madrid-Barcelona knocked out of true love. "Never thought Real Madrid with Barcelona knocked out of true love. Real Madrid travel to Mestalla, galacticos do not extend their 22-game winning streak, in the case of 1-0 lead, Barragan told Otamendi scored in succession, eventually lost 1-2, streak stopped in 22 matches, Real Madrid suffered the third defeat of La Liga this season after Real Madrid lost to Real Sociedad and Atletico Madrid respectively. Real Madrid did not win, immediately before the appearance of Barcelona did not win loss also concluded this round of the competition. Barcelona-round opponent is the tangle of Real Sociedad, after just 82 seconds, Oolong from Alba inadvertently headed own goal, Real Sociedad took the lead after Barcelona launched a counteroffensive, Commander Enrique successively replaced Messi with neymar, failed to score Barca but swallowing the bitterness of defeat. Barcelona has also created a series of embarrassing records, 17 round of La Liga have four games without scoring, it was 2007-08 's first of the season;

 2 games in a row away from home zara dresses uk   for the first time since September 2007 there is no score; first in La Liga history after the first 2 minutes of oolong, 0-1 eventually lost the game team. Real Madrid and Barcelona are Spain's top teams, two teams without winning, is a rare, last losing back to Barcelona with Real Madrid the same day 4 years ago on April 30, 2011, when Barcelona lost to rivals remained Real Sociedad, the score is 1:2; Real Madrid is 2:3Lost to Zaragoza. Mourinho revealed flick Monster array PK Real Madrid and Barcelona and the move, Chelsea's clash with Watford, this is a great disparity in strength game. 1th in the Premier League and Championship 5th game, little suspense. However, Mourinho this service offering to a strange way is worthy of note. This technique focuses on in his team's second goal. Chelsea's 2nd goal, appeared in 70 minutes. At that time, Drogba's back heel pass in the penalty area, Diego Costa right powerfully, rebounded ball on Cathcart, Flanders was going to blow the referee a penalty kick, but the ball fell to the feet of the Remi, France striker short shot, the ball went into the net, the score becomes 2-0. Scored this singular singularly on the Blues ' three power forwards are involved in this process of goal. It is well known that Chelsea's formation is 4-2-3-1, only 1 places on the line. In some games, Mourinho also played two strikers, but 3 striker on the pitch at the same time, this is the first time this season. Of course, the Blues striker, hold 3 power forward while playing today's match, Drogba has been the Center, the same starting Remy plays winger and comes at halftime through Diego Costa, was akin to the second striker position. Play three power forwards at the same time, here's some unexpected changes take effect is good. Remy after scoring BBC exclaimed: "terrific hit (a terrorist strike)," said the Trident partnership is probably the Blues.Say that Chelsea's Trident, unlike last season. At that time, Torres, Samuel ETO ' o and BA-Ba Ye have mis-matched, but at the time were dubbed the "Three Stooges" the harmful effects of combinations of three and now Chelsea striker obviously there is no comparison. But this season

Chelsea's three big forwards, really have different characteristics, but also more powerful. Trident today is also the first time Chelsea fight of the second half of the season provided a potential tactical Sprint. The future, in the UEFA Champions League or the Premier League, when Chelsea meet Paris, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, when Manchester City's nemesis, once the game has reached a final stage Chelsea are still in a passive, maybe he will repeat the same combination of Trident. What's more, three strikers and even four strikers to fight tactics, in Mourinho's coaching history have happened, such as one-fourth-finals of the Champions League last season, with the second leg in Paris. In this sense, today's game, tridents and battle, there are factors that cannot be opened in the first half, but that is perhaps a walkthrough for the future games. Compared to the Costa, and Didier Drogba, least concern Remy may be most apt to be unorthodox. Today's game, Remy not only scored one goal for Chelsea, but Williams sent out in the first goal assists. On the pitch, Remy versatile features once again came to prominence. Remy said he can play striker, second striker or winger. Remy has the length, speed, if you then add a bit of defensive ability, that's perfect. Now, Raimi not only Chelsea player, but also as France internationals. Speaking, France 1998World Cup winning scene, gave him great influence. At that time, only 11 years old, Remy in his birthplace, Caribbean Martinique, saw the final on television. He said: "when I was with my grandfather, he was France's loyal fans, I was able to see the most of his games. France team when you win, we all enjoyed it, that was my earliest football memories in a very good moment. Even though I was just a kid, but I'll never forget that moment. "And now, Ramey has become the France international striker, Chelsea, Remy can compete with Costa and Didier Drogba two generations of animals front position, second half of the season, he might be able to play a bigger role.


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