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Wronged! weitesiben friends and family
« on: January 07, 2015, 12:26:23 AM »

Wronged! weitesiben friends and family watched 90 seconds before the game was known to be traded,On January 6, Beijing time, Knights yesterday with Knicks,  victoria secret outlet  Oklahoma City Thunder completed their three-party transaction, has been touting the duhem-Vettese to send away. ESPN reporter Dave maikemainamin details of the exposure before and after the transaction, Vettese was 90 seconds before the jump ball was told the news, he will never get in front of a home crowd in Philadelphia completed the first act. Philadelphia is the home of Vettese, he began to look forward to from the very early this coming war, friends and relatives in order to return home, he was willing to explore every possible way to get votes. Reports, Vettese probably includes more than 50 tickets. And everything that happened before the game from the past, seems to be no different. Vettese came to the visitors ' locker room in Philadelphia, routinely interview with reporters. Asked if he knew when this game will be the first

he pretended to not know, but the smile on his face showed fear, can see it, and started playing in front of friends and relatives, and to him is an honor. Completed interviews, Vettese arrived at the ground for a training session on out back to the side of the field early by Philadelphia fans, the mood is excellent. If Knight's management then informed him that things would not be so funny. Vettese followed team-mate to venues before the match, warming up to sing the national anthem, he did not drop, hosted at the scene when he introduced the lineup, Vettese also was on the last one, he walked on to the field, to help friends and relatives raised her hand, ready to begin the game. Vettese walked to the bench, that is, before the jump-ball 90Second, news of the deal, he was coaching notifications no longer have to attend today's game.

 Vettese and was traded amengdesen, Cork, ran back to the locker room, packed my things and left the arena. In this case, maikemainamin is also very surprised, he met before the kickoff of the interview before being traded, is when the Lakers traded Steve Blake Blake, that year is after attending the training before the game were told leave the transaction, did not participate in the subsequent team meetings as well as the national anthem was played before the game and the admission ceremony. "I (after the game), I haven't seen them," Kevin-Joachim Loew said after the game, "when it happened, I was on the field, I usually was the first appearance of a player trying to make sense of touching the ball, so I didn't have a chance to say anything to them. ”


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