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Recently, in a friendly match held in the stadium at White Hart Lane, Tottenham and former ultimate team captain Ledley - Gold led Ledley - gold 11 friends ultimate team battle into 3-6. Although the two sides into a total of nine goals, but the FIFA 16 game is not the most eye-catching players pitch, but England were invited to whistle as referee Howard - Weber, his big speech diving scene is not really won less laughter. The FIFA 16 game, the audience have witnessed the tragic scene of the referee players sliding tackles scene, this is a drama starring who has been elected as a representative of the Brazilian FIFA 16 Cup referee list of Webber and Tottenham striker Holtby. Webber has always been a serious law enforcement, addiction is perhaps the thought of a star in the FIFA 16 game suddenly incarnation Ledley - Gold 11 ultimate team members to Ehupusi potential Holtby broke off the ball and pass the ball his 'new ultimate team-mates.' In the same 11 players  fut coins had a wonderful combination passes after Webber onrush ball to the wing, this time just awakened Holtby rapid rushing, a note from the rear side sliding tackles, fly black judges. At this point, Weber ushered time players show the highest light. I saw the England Jinshao sedation ran two steps, then accurate with his right leg caught Tottenham teenager right foot. A split, Weber seems to have decided should show their majestic diving fans to the audience. Then he broke a diving header action himself thrown out, followed by knees, instantaneous lying down. The exaggerated presence diving action immediately won fans laughter. But acting addictive Weber clearly not fun, then I saw the name of the Premier League post after a pause, then disregard 'ultimate teammate' Steffi - Freund discourage, ran a 'malicious' violation of their Holtby, a note of the standard 'Buddha's Palm' anger pushed the latter one, Holtby also quite fitting fell to the ground, but then reluctantly got up Holtby Webber still be given yellow cards. This scene is so funny FIFA 16 game considerably.


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