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World have a regret that Steven Gerrard
« on: January 03, 2015, 01:08:10 AM »

World have a regret that Steven Gerrard Liverpool owed him 1 Premier League champions when the story really ended, wiping tears of parting, victoria secret swimwear nz  looking back at past 16 years apart from each other, does not abandon, as well as a song of loyalty beyond the hymn, we might have sighed, slightly sad to say: "actually, Gerrard may gain more honour". Just, all are ended has, as Liverpool of Captain, and Anfield of master and banner, Gerrard in today announced farewell, he in reds 691 times appearances scored 177 ball, obtained has 1 times European champion league champion, 2 times foot total Cup champion, 3 times League Cup champion, 1 times Union Cup champion, 1 times European Super Cup champion and 1 times charity shield Cup champion, no dream of Premier League champion, and in Gerrard of career career during, Liverpool also was United beyond

 Most are no longer in England's top league team. No one would have thought that Steven Gerrard will be in the time suddenly announced he was leaving, because it came just a day after he had scored twice in the League, not only himself in his two penalty goal reached 177 for the reds, also makes Liverpool a first seed scored a penalty kick in the Premier League team. Within a day, however, time plot so unexpected! After the match United Kingdom media has reported Gerrard to be announced soon left the club he moved to United States major league baseball news, and in the United Kingdom local time on January 2, everything becomes a reality.Sudden unexpected from on high, and such a scenario seems to have been accompanied by Gerrard's this year. Time to go back to the same day last year, Liverpool looked so smooth, Gerrard late in his career once again entered the ranks of the Premier League title race and left their rivals Manchester City, and alongside Luis Suarez is the most capable Assistant. Last year half, Gerrard increasingly close Yu himself of in Liverpool of first a Premier League champion, to has March late, they 4-0 victory Tottenham, boarded has Premier points list topped of throne, then they and beat West Ham Alliance, and Manchester City and Norwich, however in situation a good of situation Xia, home face Chelsea, Gerrard game in the accident errors, sliding pour gave Dunbar-BA "gift"

 team 0-2 rematch, lost has initiative. Unexpected knelt on a kneeling accident entered in May, Liverpool and in the case of 3-goal lead Crystal Palace were tied, lost opportunity, Suarez, tears on the pitch after the match, Gerrard cannot hide fall comfort team-mates are still strong. Suarez knows he missed with a chance to win the Premier League title with Liverpool, while Steven Gerrard is understood, he missed was the last career Premier League Championship trophy, and also his last time, but fate has given him another, time is up, the end ... ...To a World Cup game, Steven Gerrard and Luis meet again, but Suarez has got a new start, comfort or encouragement without Steven Gerrard injured Gerrard, who gave his club-mate was oolong tea assists, eventually group out of England, Gerrard in quick succession, hit the Club and national team. At the World Cup, Suarez KO Steven Gerrard at the World Cup, Suarez KO Steven Gerrard out of the title race to the trough, requiring only a summer time, this being Liverpool; from team leaders to chilling farewell, just half a year's time, this is Steven Gerrard. Liverpool's confusion continues, but equally unwilling to meet the captain's request, even though he saved, probably did not need him again at Anfield, according to media news, Gerrard may be visiting the United States, Beckham has played for the Los Angeles Galaxy out of a two-year contract, the West Coast teams are likely to beat Red Bull New York chengjielade's new owner.


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