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Wonderful work! Barcelona match referees
« on: December 15, 2014, 01:25:36 AM »
Wonderful work! Barcelona match referees see single blew the final whistle Real Madrid being satirical.Barcelona's away game against Getafe, the referee bikandi·jiali performances caused a huge controversy, especially since the two fragments, his performance is all the more incomprehensible, in first, in 1 minute, he ignored two successive penalty, the second is a last-minute, when Getafe players form a single pole, but he blew the final whistle. Kiss after the match Barcelona's daily sport newspaper also noted that Garrido's nike air max 90 dam       penalty controversy is great. First is in 1 minute "eat" 2 penalties, he didn't judge 2 consecutive clear penalty. Some referees will be sentenced to penalties that do not exist, nike air max 90 rea      there is to ignore the existing penalties, Garrido is the latter. Race to the first 22 minutes, on 22 minutes, Lionel Messi into the left side of the penalty area, went down Juan Valera hand ball, it is evident that the penalty foul, however referee Garrido did not interrupt the game. Catalan media that the world saw a penalty

but the referee didn't see it. Barca players protested but the referee still believe Juan Valera's unintentional handball. Getafe then formed fast counterattacks, Angel lafita left on the outside of his hand cross from Alves, the referee refused to award a penalty. Halftime Getafe Club President anheer·tuoleisi said:nike air max 2013 herr     "the referee was wrong, it was a penalty, but so be it. "At the end, Garrido once again seems unreasonable. 5 minute in injury time, after Iniesta was stealing, Alvaro pole run into the area, but at that point, referee Garrido whistle ending the game, Hertha players protested, Diego Castro, eaten with yellow cards. At 0:0After the draw with Barcelona, Angel lafita in the Getafe player told a nike air max skyline dam    news conference after the game, he cannot really understand why Bravo Alfaro single Broadsword face Barca goalkeeper when Garrido will be the referee blew the final whistle. Angel lafita didn't want to talk about the referee, Gary's performance, however, he said, their dissatisfaction with the referee's judgment: "we cannot understand the end of the game

 but I don't want to be involved do not belong to my land, such is the case. Today's events were as we expected, we knew it would come to this. Catalan sports of the world agreed that Garrido's performance has been poor, the newspaper said, on the football field, there are all kinds of mistakes liable, nike air max tn sverige    but Garrido's error has gone beyond the normal range. Juan Valera's Hand ball was very obvious, all anyone could see, only he didn't see it. Maybe this is just a scene, considering that the course, such a decision was directly affecting a game's outcome, serious harm to the interests of Barcelona. Sport of the world pointed out that recent Real Madrid's match against Celta de Vigo, in the case of 0:0, Real Madrid is with the penalty changed the game. Barcelona's match against Getafe, and did not repeat that scene, either that there was no penalty, but referees are reluctant to face penalties. Alves ' handball foul, if the main referee before a penalty kick, then Alves handball probably wouldn't have happened. Zhihou, Garrido was also fined an Alba offside, while the offside was suspicious, if not imposed, Alba suspect made threats.After the match, Getafe coach contra also expressed dissatisfaction with the referee Garrido: "this is a just law enforcement in La Liga this year new referee, his penalty in the race tend to Club rather than a small team, this is normal. Only this I don't want to talk about that issue. But if 10 seconds later the referee blew the final whistle and the result may be very different. ”


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