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Winter running wear non-slip shoes 5 big considerations?
« on: January 08, 2015, 12:43:26 AM »

Winter running wear non-slip shoes 5 big considerations? want to keep running in the winter is hard, our journey will be more or less low temperatures,  zara jeans uk   icy roads and colorful party interrupted. Winter running is better for your health and sport, however. So how do you maintain the efficient workout during the winter months, strong physique, while avoiding injuries? during running in the winter, we pay attention to what?On December 9, Yahoo invited run smart project founder bulaien·luosaiti (Brian Rosetti), give fitness enthusiasts the following 5 tips. Wear non-slip shoes while running ground more slippery in the winter, when people move to choose a soft rubber-soled shoe as a shoe and sole tread width and depth. Because the tread too close not to slip, and excellent rubber bottom will become harder in the cold air, so that people like to put on a pair of skis, foot will not subject the body by movement control

 accidents and dangers. Focus on running time instead of distance running in the snow or skate zone will spend more time and effort than usual. Therefore, experts suggest that in the running should pursue sports in winter time rather than moving away. In addition, the speed should be declined, zara handbags uk   so let your body begin to stretch out, is conducive to further exercise. First wind, downwind after going home. Exercise to watch running in the wind direction. If at first wind, they sweat out some fine, so that when you came back against the wind, there is risk of freezing cold. Expert advice:

running against the wind, downwind after going home. Treadmill is a good choice by some activists criticized the treadmill, they think the treadmill does not bring such as outdoor sports like effects. However, experts said that if it snows outside, when the treadmill is an excellent choice, workout not only security but also irreverent outdoors. Avoid cotton clothingMaybe it sounds a bit perverse, but the truth is, people movement after sweating, while an increase in body temperature, the body's own huge temperature differences with the outside world. Sweat-soaked cotton clothes sticking to the skin makes chills, susceptibility to cold. So experts recommend that people exercise is best to wear are easy to sweat-absorbent fabric.


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